My encounter with a HELL BEAST!!! MUST read

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jammin420, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. So i live on a golf course and im sittin on my back porch smokin a fat 2g blunt:smoking: straight chillin and listening to the bugs making their loud sounds and what not. Half the blunt is gone by this point, when all the sudden i hear this high pitched scream that morphs into to this extreme roar, not just a little yelp, like a full on OOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR FOR 15 SECONDS STRIGHT, and i jump out of my seat and drop the blunt and im like WTF:eek:. There was like a fucking hell beast hiding in the darkness, so i bolt into my sun room:bolt:, scared shitless like a little school girl on halloween night. and just like that SILENCE, no bugs, no birds, NOTHING, like someone made a black joke in the middle of church or something. I swear when i was running around i thought this demon was just gonna bust throught my fence and straight up own my ass:eek:. I have no idea on earth what it was:confused:

    anyone else ever had an expirence like this???
  2. I never had an experience like that, but that sounds scary as fuck.

    If something like that ever happened to me, I wouldn't be alone for a few days. lol.

    Are you sure it wasn't some punk kids?
  3. that post made me fuckin lol :hello::hello:

    thanks for sharing

  4. no no no, this WAS NOT human by any means:eek:
  5. omg dude, like 2 weeks ago I was brushing my teeth at night, like 1am or somthing, and all of a sudden i hear these LOUD ass pig noises. Like squeels, and snorting and shit, I was like WTF? and my brother, downstairs heard it too and came to the deck to check wtf was going on. for 10 seconds straight, it was fucked up.
  6. its bigfoot man

  7. in the house?!?!?!

  8. i seriously think it was
  9. i mean it could be. some bigfoot "witnesses" say that theyre screams can range from screeches to roars. lol but i really doubt it was but u never know man
  10. OMG DUDE this happend to us before! We were at our property in the country and sitting around a fire and hear this weird ass growl/roar or w/e. It was fucking nutz.
  11. either your going insane, got too high, or your fucked. Good luck with that hell beast thing
  12. no lol, in the backyard
  13. they did just find a "bigfoot" body in georgia, press confrence on friday, we'll see if it true or not

  14. oh, i was about to say i would never go back inside hahaha
  15. I live "in the country" and the last month there has been this fucked up monkey noises coming from teh woods in front of my house.

    maybe not scary but it turned out it was a pet peacock that my hippy neighbors got. lol :)
  16. Thats some crazy stuff, man!There was an abandoned four story hotel behind my house that had been seriously damaged by a fire.We use to mess around in it and one time we ended up finding stairs leading down from the basement.We went down the flight and it was pitch black but with our lighters we could make out a g-d coffin!We heard a kind of yelp/grunt and we g t f o there and never went back

  17. i think you found dracula's lair
  18. "they did just find a "bigfoot" body in georgia, press confrence on friday, we'll see if it true or not"

    Is that true? Whered you hear that?

  19. I did a search on google. It appears legitamate. I cannot fucking wait for this press conference. Fuck yeah finally found bigfooot.
  20. damm i live in georgia :eek:

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