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My Email To SonicDriveThrough, about their newest commercial.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I fucking love that place. their burgers and frys have me drooling right now. DAMN!
  2. oh man forgot about Five Guys. Big fan, but I've only been twice.
  3. Dude, 5 guys was like a goddamn unicorn where I come from, and the BOOM! 2 put into my area in less than a year. Awesome stuff.
  4. Now I wanna go even more but theyre so far away pleasant hill and freemont uggggh
  5. Hey, you have in-n-out. I don't even have one on my side of the country lol

  6. Lol I wish I'd send someone in n out if they sent me sonic sadly the food would go bad.

  7. There all over California I don't know if there's many out of state they I think there's some in Nevada and Arizona I think there's one in Texas too. I swear I saw one in Utah once, idk though but theres barely any sonics here and in n out is like 5 guys sort of.

  8. Yea Five guys is pretty fuckin good haha their burgers are legit
  9. never had five guys i hear they just opened one across the lake in new york, maybe i will take a ferry ride lol
  10. They built one in my hometown right as I was moving up to college 2 1/2 hours away, so that sucks.
  11. Haha it's worth it but they had one in my old city of Rochester. They give you mad fries and the burgers are fuckin huge!
  12. Shit I am hungry again lol
  13. They DEFINITELY don't skimp on the fries. The first time I went, me and two other friends specifically got real high for our first time eating there. 3 healthy sized bowls in the car ride there. Bad call. The lights are extremely bright, and our eyes were very red. Families everywhere. It's not that big of a deal, but it was a little uncomfortable. But the food was a completely different story.
  14. Haha I just had some cocoa rice krispies so I'm good but I'd be grubbin out if I was high right now well actually na I'd probably just be lost in the music:smoke: I need to go to sonic soon though those hot dogs are calling my name! haha
  15. lol I maded my nephews breakfast but there was not enough eggs left for me, I think I will have some Apple Jacks.
  16. Cereal is my shit. Almost nothing better.
    Lately, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios are my favorite. But man, best cereal ever: Cinnabon Cereal.

    ^Apple Jacks also, one of my favorites.
  17. i was at sonic for a while and trust me, the food aint that magical on most days..

    except for sonics half-priced burger tuesdayys! hell yeah

  18. I hate that feeling too man I wish people would just be more accepting, it's not like your doing anything wrong. (Except for the legal implications)
  19. im soooooo getting cheesy tots on my chili fries next time....
  20. Five Guys is my favorite fucking burger place. When you buy fries there they fill up a big ass cup and fill the bag up with fries too. Fucking awesome :smoke:

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