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My Email To SonicDriveThrough, about their newest commercial.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. One thing that's not in the south is garbage plates which pisses me off and where I live they don't sell meat sauce like da fuck? No good sub places down south either, southern people don't know shit about Italian food.
  2. No in-n-out either :( and no White castle , and some locals bought the only Dairy Queen and turned it into something called qtees they don't even use Dairy Queen food. So my stoner food is usually homemade, we do have Ben and Jerry's though.
  3. I hate that they play their burgers in the bay area and the closest one is in fukin Tracy! They tease you with their sonic burgairs and leave u craving it's as bad as blue balls
  4. #24 BloodLust, Aug 8, 2011
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    I have heard there are no olive gardens or Johnny Carinos in the northeast

  5. Haha there are but I'm talking like mom and pop places plus the quality of bread. Like if you've had a dibella's sub or wegmans (pretty much the same thing) you would know what I'm talking about. The italian bread down here just can't compare.
  6. we do have one Olive Garden in the whole state lol I have never heard of the other place, I would not call that Italian though I can cook some Italian and make homemade garlic bread. I am not even stoned and now I have the munchies lol
  7. Sadly I'm sober as well:( And idk how long it'll be before I find bud down here.
  8. that guy in the commercial is on "datura."
  9. #29 Taco Island, Aug 8, 2011
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    Yeah but Don't think we're barren of great international food down here. And I'm just speaking for Mississippi.

    Does Backyard Burger exist to any of you? Great burgers and everything. Also Chik-fil-A? Best chicken you can get in a fast food line.
  10. Dammit,

    I don't even live near a sonic. :(
  11. Now I am craving Chick fil a I dont even know what the closest one to here would be, Boston maybe?
  12. Huge bummer.

    but Me too now that I mentioned it. Have two in my town, one is in my college's cafeteria. :hello:

    Their chicken biscuits are a beautiful thing.
  13. I've never been to chick-fil-a haha but chicken biscuits do sound pretty dam good.
  14. I think we should send each other stoner food care packages.

    Edit: that is funny, my BF calls me Biscuit
  15. #35 daxdroxkilla575, Aug 8, 2011
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    Dude can you please post there email.
  16. hahaha hell yea idk how long they would stay hot/cold though but we would probably have similar/good tastes that cater to the munchies:smoke:
  17. They make cooler like boxes with dry ice for shipping or just send me a giant jar of nutella and a case of ramen lol
  18. haha ramen is straight i had that today but boxes for burgers is not good man! My mom got some in a cardboard box and they look/taste sketchy.
  19. lol we buy this brand called bubba burgers with sweet onions in them they are delicious they make a jalepeno peppair one too.
  20. Chik fil a care packages sent to both of you. Don't ask how I know your addresses.

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