My Email to (D. VA) Gov. Kaine about MMJ

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  1. For my Freshman Seminar class we had to be an activist for some problem that limits human rights by writing a letter to govt official, sign a petition, etc... So I decided to write an email to the governer of VA, Tim Kaine about medicinal marijuana

    Dear Governor Kaine,

    My name is [name] and I am a student at Christopher Newport
    University in Newport News, VA. I would like to bring your attention to a
    problem that is often overlooked; that of medicinal marijuana. Now,
    marijuana oftentimes comes up with a bad connotation, but what people fail
    to realize is that marijuana has many different medicinal uses. In fact,
    marijuana has been known to treat symptoms of over 30 conditions, ranging
    from HIV/AIDs to Crohns Disease. I believe it is a basic human right to be
    able to seek medical attention pertaining to your needs, and people who
    suffer from these diseases and conditions feel that they are being
    discriminated against since they are being denied this right to medicate.

    We as a society have been led to believe that marijuana is a dangerous
    drug, when in fact it is very beneficial to society when used responsibly.
    It is a known fact that NO ONE has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Can
    we say the same for alcohol or tobacco? There are more deaths from coffee
    each year than there are from marijuana overdose! It is practically
    impossible to overdose on the active ingredient, THC. In fact you would
    have to smoke about 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 20 minutes to overdose,
    in which case you would die first of lack of oxygen. It is also
    non-addictive, however can be habit-forming.

    I would like to dispel the horrid rumors and bad rap that marijuana has
    received over the years from anti-drug "Reefer Madness" fiends and show
    that it has many health benefits to the correct people. I urge you to
    watch the documentary titled "The Union: The Business Behind Getting
    High", which gives a lot of information on how marijuana could help with
    the national debt, create more jobs and give people the most important
    human right: The right to life.

    Please do the right thing.


  2. keep us informed on what he says back
  3. good luck man, 804 here :wave:
  4. This is Doughboy04, and I approve this message. +rep
  5. 757 !
  6. I did this in school too. Everyone got the same "thank you" letter back. Hopefully it will be different this time.
  7. I meant to post this a couple days ago, but I got an email back from someone regarding my email:

    Thank you for your recent email to Governor Kaine regarding your recommendation for the use of medical marijuana. Since the provision of health care falls within the purview of this office, the Governor has forwarded your letter to me for response.

    As you may not know, marijuana is a Schedule I drug under federal law, which makes it illegal to possess and dispense except for investigational purposes. If the use and prescribing of medical marijuana were legal in Virginia , an individual could be prosecuted by federal officials in federal courts. Until the federal law is changed, it will not be legally possible to use medical marijuana. Therefore, if you have not already done so, I would suggest that you contact your representatives to Congress with your information and recommendation for changes in the laws governing use of this drug.

    Thank you again for taking the time to inform yourself on this issue and to share your views with the Governor.
  8. Just the other day eric holder informed the public that the new policy is to only prosecute those who violate both federal AND state law.

    I suggest you respond with that in mind.
  9. Umm has he not seen the numerous amounts of states that have already allowed Medical Marijuana?
  10. Why do representatives keep thinking federal and state laws are tied? They are separate for a specific reason, its called a fucking balance of power. But the balance isn't maintained when the "children (states)" wait for daddy and mommy (the federal government) to say its ok to do.

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