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    Tolerance Breaks.
    There are many positive outcomes in result of a tolerance break, including but not limited to saving money, becoming more productive, keeping school grades in check, and getting fucked up the next time you smoke!
    First make a goal, how long you want to take a T-break.
    For example my T-break is going to be for two months.
    Think of a tolerance break as if you need to pass a drug test, because ideally, you want to get as much THC out of your system as possible for it to be an effective tolerance break.
    • Start exercising, one of the most affecting factors in a T-break. I live in Florida so it's hot here and it is better to exercise more sweating out more THC and burning more calories/fat. Try exercising in the day time, as the sun will help you sweat more THC out and will intensify the workout. I go for long runs consisting of nine miles, but short runs or sprints are great for burning THC molecules. Exercising will get THC out of your system at a faster rate, for example a person on a T-break who goes running everyday for a week will equal or overcome someone who is on a T-break and not exercising for a month. Do something you think is fun like shooting hoops, or practicing soccer shots. Things like running will help get the weed tar that naturally builds up in your lungs out faster.
    • Drink A LOT of water, one of the most effective factors. On my T-break I avoid drinks like soda, coffee, and sugary drinks. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. A good way to tell if you are drinking enough water on your T-break is when you are pissing clear pee. If you don't like water you can add flavorings to water, or just try drinking something healthy like cranberry juice. The water will flush a lot of bud out of your system.
    • Avoid junk foods, they will make a lot of fat and it will be more frustrating to work out and exercise because you will start to endure cramps, malnutrition such as lack of protein, and blood sugar spikes. Eating spaghetti will make you run forever! Eat more fruits and vegetables. I try to eat salads, fruits, and meats. Wait 2-3 hours after eating before you exercise so everything is digested and the nutrition is distributed throughout your body.
    • Be productive. I find whenever I'm on my T-break I am more productive because I am honestly a bit lazy when I smoke. Clean up your house, your room, do the dishes or something. Also if your parents care about your smoking or don't know that you smoke, they will see that you are being productive and they will probably be more confident in you, and in my case my parents saw me running long distances and thought I even stopped smoking all together and regained their trust in me. Being productive will help you keep your mind off bud. Then after you get all your productive stuff done the next time you smoke you won't have to worry about really doing anything.
    • There are other things like fish oil which contains omega-3s that have a good effect on the receptors, and other supplements, but this is optional stuff.
    In my past tolerance breaks I have gone by these essential factors and even after a week tolerance break I got completely blazed for the whole day off a little bit of bud (.2g!). I saved a lot of money using T-breaks, and I am more productive in school with T-breaks. Longer T-breaks save me money because I would only be able to afford about 3gs a week of dank, but now with T-breaks I buy bigger quantities which saves me more money and gets me more bud. In one month I saved $300, which I gladly bought an ounce with!
    Good luck blades!

  2. Thanks haha just thought I would share
  3. your whole premise is wrong though. the amount of stored thc in your body has nothing to do with your tolerance.

    your body isnt storing the same thc contained in weed. it converts it to an inactive metabolite that doesnt affect your receptors at all.
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    Tolerance breaks are a waste. It builds up inevitably. I never understood quitting something you enjoy for weeks-month to get higher a couple times when you smoke again. If you enjoy smoking, smoke. Burn it all, use times when you're naturally dry as a 'break'.
    Also this is General, smoking threads don't belong here. Especially a guide. Post it an Apprentice Tokers or somethings.
  5. well to be fair, there IS increased response after your receptors readjust back to normal.

    but if you want to smoke frequent t breaks really wont matter in the long run like u said. take a two week break and go back to daily smoking and its gonna be the same quickly enough
  6. 2 month tolerance break is overkill imo .. 1 month tops for me .. More power to you op :gone:
  7. Cranberry juice isn't healthy.
  8. I always thought T-breaks were for when the whole town went dry.  You mean people stop medicating on purpose. :eek:
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    How is it not? It is full of antioxidants and helps prevent UTI's. If you're drinking water you should be fine. 
    OP, nice guide to getting clean but the exercise and diet part just keeps your mind off the not smoking, I wouldn't say it helps. It's all about the receptors in your brain. Abstinence is the way to go, whether you exercise or not. 
  10. I remember  reading about a study a while ago that all fruit juices are horrible and are linked to diabetes. However I just searched for it and didn't find anything, so I am either confused or crazy.
    It is the sugar they dump in and the solids they remove.  The artificially sweetened stuff is even worse than the sugar stuff believe it or not.  They compare it to eating the whole berry.  The berry is on the pretty good for us list.  Not at the top but of the list but well up the ladder toward this is pretty great.  Our gut is an organic gardening issue just like growing the medicine is.  Remove the compost add chemical fertilizer that has none of the richness of the compost and the crop (consumer) isn't as healthy as it should be.
    Juice made from any thing is not as good as eating the thing the juice was made from.
  12. The whole point of the exercising is really to keep your mind off bud, because who wants to sit in there house all day thinking about bud..?! While also simultaneously clearing your system and getting healthy, exercising makes you smarter studies show, so i'm sure that exercising has some effect on the receptors no? I find when I take breaks I get highs similar to the first time I ever smoked, I don't know about you blades but after a while I get sick of only getting mellow for an hour before it fades, but when I take a break it's a better high and longer high.. I mean blades do what you want, all I am saying is my system helps me and my friends in the long run. If you can get your friends to do it and save money like in my case, I got three other friends in it for one month, which ended yesterday. They each saved $200. We all threw in $200 which totaled $800, quarter pound of dank for us :)
    We also started switching from brownies and smoking because we found that we get different highs from both.. We woke up high from those brownies! The only problem is when you have a qp you sort of get out of control.. Do what you like blades, like what you do. 
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    :) Communist. :)
    The endocannabinoid system gets us high in part because of it's involvement in the exercise reward circuit.  Your body hands them out like candy when ever your good as long as your eating the stuff you need to make them.  Cannabinoids stored in fat from cannabis have the potential to be coming out to be nice to you when you do good things like working out.  The dose is just smaller so you don't feel it much.
  14. That is a very unique method, haha

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