my economic bail out plan

Discussion in 'General' started by addict, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. ok so i was thinking the other day about how shitty our economy is. and i came up with what i thought to be the perfect solution but i want your opinions.

    so i think not only should the government legalize pot they should grow it and then cell it to the peopleat lower prices than you can get off the streets there fore running the drug dealers out of buisness. every one wins the government makes a ton of money by being our new drug dealer and we can finaly get high in peace:smoke:
  2. mmhhhmm
    that would work if people weren't ignorant about weed
  3. The goverment would tax the shit out of the weed and some how find a way to water it down and what not....And it wouldnt stop the Coke and other drug dealers so yeaaaa.

  4. :rolleyes:
  5. o i know that but at least some of the negative aspecs of weed would go away and think about how much money the gov. would make if they grew then sold themselvs they would make more money than the columbian drug lords
  6. How about everybody just economically bails out of this fucking country, this place is goin' to hell.
  7. true that thats why i want to go to canada pluss they are way cooler about weed up there to
  8. Canada it is, I will see you there.
  9. like i want to move to whisler bc and go to school on how to grow dope and then grow for the governement cuz really the only way im going to get through school is if im going to school for pot
  10. That would be the ultimate patriotic feeling, getting massively fucked up off marijuana grown by the american government.
  11. If you're a corrupt official, this is how you see it:

    Weed being illegal creates an artificially inflated market. On average, 10 bucks a gram means the dealer (cartels) make good money. 30% of this for example is then passed from the cartel to you, and thus, due to the illicit nature of weed, you get rich.

    It is no longer possible to make 15 billion dollars a year due to weed being legal. It is no longer unlawful to grow, purchase, and use weed and therefore, the price drops dramatically to 3b a year. You no longer make easy money from payoffs, therefore, you don't want it legalized.

    If you're that official, would you want it legalized? Absolute power corrupts, absolutely :D
  12. so you hope weed never becomes legal and would vote against a law making it that way
  13. I don't think he meant that. I think that he meant that the government officials don't want it legal because there isn't a big incentive for them. Also all those DEA agents won't be making money and getting their huge budget without their bread and butter: Marijuana.
  14. What the government needs to do is promote becoming "greener" by putting up windmills and new water systems all across the us and secretly use the windmills to blow pheromones across the us through the air and put aphrodisiacs in the water and then begin legalizing government regulated prostitutes that are taxed. The result is that we become insanely horny and fuck ridiculous amounts of hookers (safe sex of course) and the government uses the money earned from this to bail us out of a recession.

  15. Haha, whaaaat?

    Did you even read what he wrote?

    Anyway, in regards to your OP, this is not a new idea. Unfortunately the best we can hope for is an end to the dispensary raids and a relaxation of state laws.

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