my early xmas gift

Discussion in 'General' started by Luvdabuddah, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. I adopted an awesome dog! she is one y.o. half Rotti/Shep
    awesome mellow laid back,,,u know the stoners favorite kinda dog :D her name is Chloe she's bout 90 pounds I'm thinkin (hopin) she is full grown and i say hopin coz she thinks she's a lap dog!! anyway I just wanted to share soon as i get my cam to work again I'll post a pic of her :D she's soooo perty! have a Great christmas everyone!!! toke on!!! :smoke:
  2. Good for you, a dog is a nice friend to have around the house.

    Will it turn into a stoner,like it's owner :D
  3. My sister has a half rot and half something else with long hair, could very well be a sheppard like yours. It's fat, lazy, and lost all of the aggresive rot qualities :)
  4. i have 3 pure bred rotties.... they're all big mush's ... if ya know em.... :D

    but hey, they're better then any real security system you could get..... and they're all sooo different with personality.... i biggest, jake 156lb also thinks he's a lap dog....
  5. I have too little dogs, they are cool, but they bark at EVERYTHING. I'll have to teach them a lesson in pain! Or offer them a cookie.

  6. she already has she tries to lick the J's love's sniffin the bag...guess I'll have to make sure I put THAT up!!! lmao I think she got a contact buzz last night she rolled over on her back and slid off the couch oh so slowly upside down lmfao!!! :D we're still gettin to know her but she has already proven loyalty...she doesnt like everybody but long as she knows wtf feeds her that's all that matters :smoke:

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