My Dwc Hydro Setup (Currently In Veg)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by BradA420, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Useful Info:
    PH: 5.8​
    PPM: Unmeasured as of yet.
    Strain: Granddawgy Purp X Granddaddy Purp​
    Hydro or Soil: Hydro​
     Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients - Jungle Juice​
    Hello everyone at GC  :).
    First let me introduce myself a little. My name is Brad, I am a marijuana enthusiast and this is my first grow.
    I will be growing some Granddawgy Purp x Granddaddy Purp (This is unreleased genetics which were sent to my by the generous Greg de Hoedt).
    Now that that little introduction is out the way and I've specified which strain I'm growing I want to notify the mods (if any) that our reading this thread to please move it to the correct section if its in the wrong one. I am new to the forums and from previously owning and being a member on numerous other forums I am aware that when a member posts in the wrong section it can be very annoying. For that I apologise and simply ask you move the thread to the correct place while I get accustomed to the way things work around here. :)
    Anyways I have a few questions to ask you guys and a lot of pics to show you. I plan on either posting a seperate journal which will keep you all updated with how the grow goes or just simply turn this thread into a journal. Again, whatever you guys would prefer is what I'll do.
    Right then, my plan is to just put the pictures below and if I have any questions I'll write it by the specific picture I'm wondering about.

    As you can see from the photo above, my root is slightly spotty purple and arching downwards slightly. I'm not 100% sure if this is a critical health issue or normal or what but it doesn't seem very normal. Now I must admit I only transferred it to rockwool today as before that I had the seed just loose in the clayballs and it was growing in there as the root has gotten a lot longer however I'm not quite sure when the purple came about. I think it could have had something to do with the lighting if thats possible?

    Above is just a slightly zoomed out picture of the seedling in clayballs in the setup.

    The photo above is my setup, on the right is the carbon filter, I have a scrog setup too. I also have a temperature meter which I will include the readings from at the end. The pot is just a Hydro DWC pot I bought from eBay, it came with an airstone which seems to be doing quite well and also came with the clayballs. Oh and also the wiring on the right of the picture in the box is a small PC fan I had wired up however that stopped working now and is just sitting there doing nothing...

    Picture of the reflector and what its hanging from (with light ON)

    The picture above I took to give you guys a rough idea of the distance I've left between the light and the box... The light I'm using is a 600Watt Metal Halide just fyi...

    Picture of the Carbon Filter and Extractor Fan (With ducting).

    My nutes (Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice), my PH Up and Down, my PH buffer solution and TDS buffer solution, my Plant Starter, my PH meter and lastly my PPM Meter.

    And lastly, as promised, a picture of my temp readings.
    My PH level was originally 8.8 I think however the seed was only in there for just over 24hours max! I'm not sure if that could have been the cause of the purple roots but I have since corrected the PH to 5.8 (tried to get it to 5.5 but 5.8 was as best as I could get it.) And as for the PPM I haven't measured it just yet but as I started off with regular water I'm going to assume its not exactly perfect so what would you guys recommend my PPM should be at the stage my plant is at? I'm hoping if there are any problems their solvable ones and I'm hoping that my seed if damaged can be revived but yea, tell it to me straight guys, will she live??? :S 
    I will be sure to keep you all updated so what do you guys think?
    Brad - Peace and Stay Stoned  :smoking:  :bongin:  :metal:

  2. Looks awesome man!
  3. Looks like you know what you're doing man.

    Thanks :)
    haha, thanks :).. It's my first grow but done quite a bit of lurking around the forums and read into it a lot so I feel fairly confident with everything.. Had a few issues here and there but still running smoothly. Only issues I've got atm is my PPM which is either through the roof (in the 1Ks) or my PPM meters bust. I suspect its the water i'm using although its supposed to be distilled however regular bottled water is reading a PPM of 200+ so not quite sure. Either way I'm fairly confident the water doesn't contain anything too harmful for the plant and I'll switch to bottled water shortly... I also need to buy a new timer for the lights as the old one broke so I'm having to do it manually everyday which unfortunately means some days she's receiving more light than others but like I said, all temporary issues which shouldn't cause her too much stress...
    If you guys or anyone else reading this thread wants to keep up with her development and the gradual development of the growbox which I've been building for a while now then feel free to follow my journal posts here:
    Brad  :smoking:
  5. That's like the only way to really get answers around here is to read on your own. Kinda weird, i just started my system up today (even made a grow journal). For the bottled water i bought a few of the big ass primo jugs. Not a bad investment, especially if you can find one of those machines that can refill it for like 40 cents a gallon.
    Also, i found this sweet gadget at home depot called "bucket head". It's just a wet/dry vac motor that you can put on any 5 gal bucket. It really saved my ass today when i was checking for leaks and had to drain/fill my system. Makes water changes a breeze too. Food for thought.
    Titan makes a surge bar timer that half of it can be timed while the other half stays constant. (8 Slots total)
  6. Yea I agree, not many people reply to threads anymore either... I checked out your system, it's looking good! I subbed so I'll be sure to check it out throughout the coming weed too :).
  7. Where you been man?


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