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  1. 5 Gallon Bucket - $5.99
    6" Bucket Lid - $3.89
    Top Fin 5" Round Airstone - $5.49
    Air Hose - $0.19
    2 Barbed Elbow Fittings - $0.58
    PVC Ball Valve ( Threaded) - $3.39
    Top Fin Check Valve - $2.29
    Eco Air Pump - $69.99 ( 8 Valves)
    ViaAqua 4900 Nutrient Pump - $120.99 (8 Buckets)
    If I average in the cost of the nutrient/air pump and divide by 8, it's like $23, but the total DWC is $45.69
    I also need extra holes for PHing in between nutrient changeouts. Also, the Air/Nutrient pumps should be able to power more than one bucket. Am I missing anything?
  2. why do you need a nutrient pump in a DWC? are you going to top/drip feed as well? you can find suitable ones cheaper, too. i get mine for 9.99 (when you're buying 8 that adds up.) and they work great pumping from a 3gal res through about 2 feet of PVC.
  3. I want each bucket to work independently, but be able to fill/drain at the same time.
  4. This is what I was thinking

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  5. I meant for the ViaAqua 4900 to run all 8 buckets.

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