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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Mister Meaner, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I was wondering...
    Chlorophyl tastes bad when smoked.
    If you deny a plant light for a while it consumes all it's chlorophyl and turns white. (Like when you leave something on the lawn. The grass goes yellow/white but does not die entirely.)
    Could you leave your plant in the dark for a week or so before harvest (during flush) and end up with white weed?
  2. Yup sure can! What I do after 8 weeks of flowering I gave them 2 weeks of flush in 12h/12h and then another 2 weeks of total darkness ( watering them every 48 hours )!

  3. damn man 2 weeks of darkness...

    when leaving them in dark for a couple days does it help to retract the hair back into the calyx's
  4. I might do a partial harvest and try this with the rest!
  5. What about the green on the buds? Do you think it'd turn white too? Might look for some cool looking buds, especially with some purple.
  6. You'd probably end up with moldly buds if you leave them in the dark for a week... cure them the normal way, it works...

  7. my white widow gets 8 wks 12/12 and 2 wks no light the last 2 weeks forces the plant to push everything to the buds and they get way more thc crystals in those 2 wks.
    fan + good temp control = no mold

  8. Sure the Normal way works... That was not the point. I don't want normal. I want "Holy SHIT! Albino! fucking! ganga!" :D

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