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my drug test plan, need opinions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pain Killa, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. I have a drug test friday and was going to get a friends clean piss Thursday night. I then plan to keep the piss in a small bottle strapped with a hand warmer. Im also buying a liquid thermometer tomorrow to make sure the temperature of the piss is ok. Do you believe a private company is going to watch me piss? I believe its a female giving me the test so would she be aloud to watch a male piss? I was planning on bringing the thermometer in the bathroom with me to make sure the temperature isnt too warm or too cold.

    Also, on Friday, ill be 13 days clean. I was clean before the last time I smoked and when I did smoke i smoked a gram in a span of 24 hrs. Im 160 pounds and six foot tall. Do you believe I might be clean already and shouldn't worry about using someone elses piss.
    Here's my diluted piss plan if someone is watching me.

    Im taking creatine each day so when they check my creatine levels for diluted piss my creatine level won't be too low. Im then planning on taking b complex to give my piss color then on the way to the place im drinking powerade so my gravity level isn't messed up.
    Which plan do you guys think will be better?
  2. Who the hell knows...Let's take bets. :cool:
  3. you will be fine, filler to the rim.
  4. Check my post about Azo. I passed in 48 hours. 

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