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  1. Ok so I am still in high school and a daily pot smoker since freshman year.

    Once I graduate, I wanted to go to a state university like ASU, NAU, etc. (I live in AZ)

    But my father insists that I go to Devry where he works and I can go there for free.

    My interpretation of Devry is shit where anyone can get in, and you can get your associates without even knowing a goddamn thing. (Your views?)

    But this is besides the point lol. I honestly have not much of a clue what I want to do when I'm older or what to study in school. When I thought about going to a university, my ideas were philosophy,general studies(because I cant pick one thing) and Artificial Intelligence..I dono why. But since I guess I'm going to Devry, I'm doing something with computers.

    Now I feel like I'm most definitely destined to do more then sit on a computer all day and I REFUSE to work 9 to 5 like everyone else. As much as I wish i could be a prestigious actor, model, entrepreneur, and be rich without having to do much, i doubt it will happen.


    So right now I feel like I want to work to become a congressmen. Your probably wondering why I wrote all that shit up there if that's what this concludes to and my answer is simply i don't know.

    Now what I wanted to know from all you guys are, what do i do...?

    I am 18 and can't be apart of the House of Rep for 7 more years, so what steps do I take right now?

    I have no idea how to pursue this, can anyone help me?

    I'm sorry for all that shit up there lol. I'll put something that states where the real question starts.

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
  2. get a law degree in those 7 years
  3. No..That's the exact thing wrong with our country.. The people that represent us are lawyers.

    Dirty, lying loophole finding lawyers..
  4. Yea but you said you want to be a congressmen? Im not sure if they would want someone who has a business degree, or a law degree..

    You feel me?
  5. [ame=]YouTube - Devry[/ame]
  6. Dirty little secret about college is that you can get a Bachelor's degree without knowing a thing, and only showing up 35% of the time. And that's going to be true of even the top top schools (though at those it might require a little creative class picking to avoid profs. that expect real work).

    Go where school is free, get straight As, get your associates degree, and you'll be able to transfer to literally any school in the country with good letters of recommendation from profs. Add to that, your HS grades won't mean a thing in the transfer process.

    If you want to be a congressman more power to you. I would recommend the following steps:

    1) DeVry for 2 years, get straight As
    2) Volunteer with local political campaigns and try to get a job in a state rep or congressman's office
    3) Transfer to some elite school (it can be done even from DeVry if you have straight As)
    4) Continue getting straight As
    5) Join ROTC to pay for college at big expensive school
    6) Continue volunteering/working in political campaigns
    7) Graduate with great grades in your chosen field
    8) Do your stint as an officer, enjoy foreign tang, return to the states
    9) Get a law degree from a top tier school, work in a federal prosecutor's office, learn to be tough on crime and hang d-bags out to dry.
    10) Return home as home town boy done good, having nailed foreign tang for America and convicted d-bags of general d-baggery as a prosecutor
    11) Run for Congress
    12) Win 2 more times, having served a total of 6 years in Congress you are guaranteed a 100% lifetime pension and lifetime healthcare
    13) Retire with lifetime pension and lifetime health care.
    14) You will have won life at apx. 36 years old.

    Hope that helps. Get at it.
  7. Thats the ticket right there lol. You nailed it. I like all excepty ROTC but who knows.

    You get lifetime pension and healthcare if you spend 6 years in congress? really if i was a senator one term would be 6 years so..

    But law degree takes so long and is boring. what do i do while getting degree?
    And like that guy said, only 50% have those degrees.
    I would love to be part of the half without one

    thanks dude

    Win life at 36 is awesome.

    If i follow this and ultimately win I will find you and send you 5,000 dollars.

    I somehow don't feel like this is an unrealistic dream

  8. Yup one terms as a Senator and you're absolutely set for life. Nice work if you can get it.

    Law really isn't that boring, and it helps you make the connections you need. It also gives you cred when running for office at a younger age. While you're getting the degree you continue doing what you've done since day 1. Work with political campaigns and intern in various offices.

    Also, when I'm talking about law school, I'm talking about going to top 10 law schools. From those you get paid internships, that often will pay you serious bucks. That's what it generally takes to be a congressman without being a successful businessman first (as in, having millions of your own to spend on the election).

    Seriously, don't be ashamed of DeVry. Just get straight As then transfer somewhere. As for the ROTC thing, having been in the military gets you a lot of votes and gets you a lot of cred with voters as a younger candidate.
  9. I know i've taken criminal justice last year and enjoyed it.

    I will get the Straight A's though

    right now im looking for possible SAT scholarships so i can skip devry

    thanks for everything so far
  10. blaze, win debates, blaze, go to class
  11. Go do the crim justice thing, when you do ROTC you go in as an MP (hint, go air force or navy, no one shoots at you).

    So say you get out of the service and changed your mind about the politics thing and the law thing. You've now got 4 years of experience as a military officer doing MP work, instant hire with any police department in the country anywhere you want to live.

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