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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Grnwrks, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ok. This is going to sound completely nuts however this would change the entire view and debate on marijuana..
    See the problem is there is no way to track marijuana and its cultivation,your dumber than a box of rocks if you think you can control the production of marijuana mr president or federal gorverment trying to stop its cultivation..knowing this the goverment would rather make it illegal then Deal with the the real fiasco of the war on drugs such as the growing addiction to other "harder drugs". In order to properly tax and account for all cultivation, you would not need to legalize it at all.. Just like any other medication that is prescribed by a doctor it's is specific to that patient.

    What would need to happen.. And this is what I hope to achieve

    We need a company that can produce all of the entire state of California's marijuana needs, sounds nuts eh? How bout the entire countrys needs, even crazier eh ?
    Wrong if you were to have a company that's was specifically contracted by the goverment to produce and cultivate marijuana and account for it down to the single .01 there would be no war on marijuana it would all be accounted for. There would be no point in trying to bust people growing it because legalization would soon follow after . Now your thinking your retarded what about all the dispensaries currently open and operating.. You leave them open, open more. what would happen is every single dispensarie would have to distribute only product sold through this company.. Sounds like a monopoly? Everyone out there that produces any kind of cannabis product I would gladly hire all established company's would have to merger and account for all items in would essentially work inside the company for protection because how could the goverment raid you if you worked for them? This would create jobs for millions.. How many millions of dollars do you think are made on the streets? How many billions do you think we would make and used for the good of this country if I did all this for free.. I don't need money I have the most amazing life as is I would rather unify this country and bring upon a new beginning rather than watch this be the end the the land of the free. This not a rant this is a rough sketch on a bigger picture.
  2. yep, sounds crazy to me. I'm not fond of monopolies and surely not one the government has it's hands in. As to the "hard drug problem" I think we should take a page from Europe (Republican cringing, crying and hair renting not withstanding) and make all drug policy a matter of health policy. Once it's taken from the Ministry of Prisons we will be on the correct path.

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