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  1. so i have this reccuring dream, it starts off when i am on a tropical cruise ship playing some kind of group relay game thing, i just see this girl there, did not speak nor make eye contact, next thing i know i am on some kind of pier in the middle of the water, no land anywhere near, i am with the same girl i saw, somehow now we are married, and some big guy who is loud and cocky, the boat for us to escape is some 10 feet away, so the big guy jumps in the water to get the boat and is attacked by like 5 puffer fish, like the size of sharks, they puff up against him and he dies instantly, we are stuck there and some type of tribal woman like 50 yards away is on a raft, we yell to her but she does not acknowledge that we are yelling and waving. i have had this dream like 4-5 times in the last 2-3 weeks, what could it mean?
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    You're stuck in your own head and you are stubborn. Everytime someone tries to help you, do not listen.

    The cocky guy was a projection of yourself. You try to do things the way you want but they always backfire some how.

    The lady on the raft was an example to show you what it feels like when someone is trying to get your attention and make you hear them out, but you ignore them and go your way without aknowledging their words.

    Does that sound right?

    I just said first thing that came to mind...not an attack on you at all :D :smoke:

    Peace :)

    Edit: p.s....the girl how you are married to is your ego. You didn't make eye contact or anything at first with her because you weren't aware of the ego. You accepted it as yourself and couldn't distinguish it from your true self.

    The whole point of the pier in the middle of the water and you being aware of your attachment to the ego is that you are trying to awaken to your true self, to "enlightenment". Acknowledging the ego and identifying it and the problem it causes you is the first step in awakening.
  3. wow thanks so much man, you really opened my eyes. +rep

  4. Thanks for the rep man :)

    Did what I say relate to you at all? I was just going off intuition and said the first thing that came to mind.

    I really have never even tried to interpurt a dream before lol
  5. lol right on the spot man, i have been only listening to myself and it has backfired, and i do let my ego get the best of me
  6. Cool man glad I could help.

    Atleast now you are aware of it and can work on it :)
  7. budsmokn I never knew you were a master dream interpreter lol.

    That was impressive....

  8. Haha neither did I :laughing:

    Intuition I find can be really useful though. When I attempt to talk to my spiritual guides I just ask a question, let go, and then listen the first thing that pops into my head.

    Whether I'm talking to an actual being or if I'm just tapping into some sort of universal consciousness or something, idk, but whatever it is, it can be very reliable and mostly correct.
  9. budsmokn does nothing himself...he lets ___ work through him.

    Or does he do everything himself? Idk it gets confusing :confused:

  10. Lol I do neither specifically...

    I was actually up in my mind and ego a lot actually feels kinda good to let the ego feed for like a day or two. Obviously it causes me more trouble and different emotions, but it feels like it balanced me and released some held up energy.

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