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    Ok so first off, today I'm suppose to go over my boys house chill with a couple more of our friends, and jus toke aaall day (open house). So last night i was real excited, they supposedly re uped a half of some BAAAANGER, and just got a new bubbler, so i should be nice all day today. So thats all i could think about. So, im pretty sure i fell asleep... and i was dreaming i think... chillen with my boys, smokin, and all the sudden i couldn't breathe. I felt REALLY REALLY REALLY high, i just could not do breathe at all, and no one was taking me seriously... i think i fell down, and the last thing i saw, during my last breathe, was my boy hitting the bubbler, saying "Deschi... don't come". I woke up right after that, the wake up where u kinda half jump out of the bed, and just thought... wtf.

    So my question is to you... should i still go today, like im REAL super sticious and everything, and my boy told me not to come... as i was dieing :(.

    I mean, I'm probably going no matter what you guys say lol, but do you guys think i should be worried at all...?

    Important... i was high when i went to bed.
  2. Lol dreams are dreams. Toke it up.
  3. don't do it man
    it was the spirits trying to protect you!
  4. haha stfu, tryna bug me out.
  5. by no means am i a religious person, but thats fucked up.

    was there anything noticably different about the situation? if your friends were giant fruit and the bong was a dictionary then you'll probably be fine.

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