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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blahtityblah, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. I had an amazing dream last night!

    So, in my dream, I was hanging out in this like open, finished garage-thing looking out over a beautiful and sunny vista. I'm just relaxing on the couch and my dealer brings by one of those big styrofoam take-out boxes and hands it to me.

    I open it up and it is filled with absolutely huge nugs of the dankest shit I have ever seen. They were kind of funny looking- big, fluffy, really light green (almost pastel), and completely covered in glistening crystalline trichomes. Anyway, he tells me it's a new strain he's trying out called "birthday cake."

    He rolls up a fat blunt using a sweet blunt wrap, and we form a circle with some of my friends. When the blunt gets to me, I inhale, and it is the smoothest, sweetest smoke I have ever experienced. Better than hookah/shisha. And it gets me completely stoned in one hit. I'm like "Oh my God, you have to start growing this!"

    So then my dealer takes me to this grower's convention thing, and there is row after row of tables, each table containing plants of different strains. There are hundreds of strains, and everyone there gets to take one free plant.

    Overall, it was an amazing dream, probably the result of being unable to smoke due to an illness for about a week. I was wondering- does this happen to you guys when you are dry/on a T break/unable to smoke for awhile? Do you dream such amazing dreams? :smoke:
  2. yea when i quit the first week or 2 all i had were weed dreams. they mad me so sad cause i had to quit. o well ill be smoking soon:smoke:
  3. I smoked a blunt with my dad in a dream and we got retardedly high and started acting a fool :D soo unlike both of us. But yea, I was on a T-Break at the time. I was enjoying the high in the dream, so when I woke up I got really sad when I realized it was a dream :(
  4. ha, yea i blazed with my dad in a weed dream to when i was on a break.:D
  5. Ever since I started smoking weed my dreams have been much more vivid and realistic.

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