My dream last night

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  1. So as I remember the dream I had, I think it was mind blowing so here it goes;

    I cannot remember where I was headed but I was stuck in my red Honda Civic on the highway since it broke down. As I sit there in despair, a black woman in a green car of some sort pulls up and offers to drive me toward the next city for some tow service. I agree and get in the car.

    She announced that she had to stop at some house and I thought it was fine since I was going to get my car fixed and everything. So we arrive at the house and it's a mansion with a huge estate around. There are multiple buildings and come to find out it's a shelter like place for orphan children. Well there are a lot of adults and children around and we go inside. She's delivering some boxes of assorted clothes and whatever else. As we're about to leave several men drive into the estate on these big green army trucks that hold like 20 people. Well they all got off and they were like taking everyone prisoner for whatever reason.

    The next thing I remember is getting a rifle. For some reason there was a small caliber rifle and I took it. The first shot that I made was in self defense and as the man died that I had shot I realized that I was in for something big. We had to escape but also we had to deal with these men. So I began to kill them.

    But I was not just running around and killing these men. It turned into a war and I remember turning into something like a sniper and I would sit in bushes and shoot the men as they came by. After a while the child who were hostages began to talk about the great man that was going to save them. That was me. They loved me and I was determined to save them.

    Then the next thing I remember is time past very fast and it seemed I was alone. I saw a car enter the estate and park. Two men came out of the car but they were civilians. I approached and offered them a couple grams of weed and 100 dollars to take me out of here. It was a barren wasteland that only I had survived by staying alone. Apparently the kids were all gone.

    The man agreed to take me and I took my rifle with me and left.

    Then I woke up.

    TLDR version: In my dream I became a sniper and killed a lot of people.
  2. violence is fun when it isnt real! haha sounds like a fun dream
  3. I think it was my stoner version of Enemy at the Gates.
  4. TLDR Reply: Sup?
  5. get blazed out of your mind, and go to sleep listening to binaural beats (google it)

  6. i hardly ever remember my dreams when i go to bed stoned but last night i remembered it. by the way we hav this bong in the shape of a gun and keep it in a baby bottle bag..

    i was at some place sitting with a few mates outside with the bong bag, when i saw a dog handling cop car drive past. next thing, the cops are standing beside me so i grab out the bong from the bag and hide it down by my feet. the cop grabs the baby bag and pulls out a small home made bong. then he sees the gun bong by my feet and says "IS THAT BONG FROM JACKASS?". he procedes to take the home made bong and leaves me with the gun bong, and then they go off searching for my mate whos done a runner. end of dream.

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