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  1. while slipping out the back porch, Mamma Puff asked me if the dogs would be OK. Its supposed to get down to 25 tonight. The dogs are Australian's finest, blue heelers and they are tough as freaking nails. I said I hope I never see it so bad that the dogs wouldn't be OK. I said Hell, during the hurricane a few years ago, I wouldn't have been surprised to see those bastards out in the yard chasing blowing limbs across the front. Hell, if we ever flooded out, you would see them on TV floating down the Mississippi River on a tree, playing chase running all over the damn thing.

    Sorry for the ramble but watching those dogs go when I feel REALLLL good entertains me.

    LAter, HAve a Good Thanksgiving.

    The Puff family.
  2. Hey BPP you have heelers too. I have a red one and a blue one. I don't think you could hurt my dogs beating them with a log chain! They would probably take it from you and drag it around slinging it everywhere. I love my heelers.

    Have a great Turkey day to all!
  3. dogs are great.
    hope you have good holidays. :smoking: :D
  4. Got a drunk dude sleepin in my kitchen floor, but he seems comfortable so I'm gonna leave him.

    Rufus the wonder dawg had a head on with a skunk nite before last so he's gonna have to live like a real dog for a while longer. The couch don't look the same with out him draped all over it.

    Happy Thanks to everyone! Remember to make everyday a little Thanksgiving. If for nothing else, the sunrise. The best thing in life, and it's still free!

    I think Tarzan tired. Tarzan has just drank his little 18 yr. old party animal nephew under the table. Lil' fuck,(6'4" 240 lbs.) thought he could smoke the "old" dude!

    G'nite all!
  5. Bud I love my heelers too. We have a rotweiler down the street that weighs at 100 lbs more than "Hank the cowdog, chief of ranch security". My heeler loves to go jump on his ass every chance he can get and try him out. I have to be real careful, because I don't want him to get killed. Hank reminds me of a bull rider, not scared of anything, will take on the biggest baddest SOB he finds, and if he gets knocked down - he's right back up to try it again til he gets it whupped.

    Now don't take this thread that I train my dog to fight. Opposite is true. My dog never leaves the farm unless I have him on a leash. But any dog that ventures over here had better be prepared to find out who is #1.
  6. i just have maxs! he dosent do tricks other than shake hands but he picks only nice friendly people to shake with!he was a throw a way some left him by the road !my son in law or ass hole for short tryed to rise him but beat him more than loved him, i steped in and told him the next time i saw him kick the dog, i would blacken his eye !he knows i dont lie and after some names, he said if you like the fucker that much you can take him ,i said youll never get him back if i do ,! he was 4 mounths old thin now he is 2 years and one of the friendless dogs i know,he shows us love and friends ship all the time,and my son in law is still a dick head but he knows if he comes to my home and herts maxs, ill go stright to jail and i will get my two bucks worth!good luck people and happy thanks giveing!

  7. I want a blue dog!!

    My little cocker spaniel likes to think hes a rotweiler, he asct like a real badass every time someone new comes in the house, but its all a facade, he doesnt have the balls to bite anyone (cuz I got 'em removed, hehe) hes affectionate as hell, whenever hes not trying to impress a newcomer.
    sheesh, is my dog a product of modern society, or what?
  8. no,it sounds like it has a good master! to many want a attack dog and for get what a good friend they can be !! i have guns for that shit! my dog i want to love me and be a friendly face to me as well as my friends and grand kids ! i woundnt want a dog that would bit anyone!
  11. My females in heat right now and there hasn't been another dog sniffing around the house yet. I think the 30 dogs that live here in my community don't want to tango with my heeler.

    Bud you are right on room to run. Mine are "confined" to six acres they roam everysquare inch of it, from sun-up till sundown. They are very sweet and loyal dogs but they are always testing you to check their status in the pack. You can't be wishy-washy with them or they will control the house.

    Oh, one more thing, don't leave anything outside that you don't want eaten, chewed up, buried, drug through the mud or pond, or pissed on. Because the heelers are very observant on everything. I picked up 3 half eaten frisbees up this weekend and watche them devour a turkey carcass in thirty minutes.
  12. My female has been in heat for 2 weeks. Every night about bed time (11:00 oclock) there is a dog fight outside. Some of these stray dogs must be very desperate to get their ass whipped so much. One of my neighbors called last night and asked if I knew what happened to his dog. He said it looked like he had been in a fight. I told him that his dog was down here and my blue heeler is protective of his mate. I also told him that his dog wasn't supposed to be coming down here, so i wouldn't try to keep my dogs from tearing his dog to pieces. He didn't like what i said.
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  13. Mine's been in heat for two weeks as well. Must be something about the moon putting the heelers into heat now. No fights at my house yet, and I don't expect any.

    I'd tell your neighbor that if he doesn't want a hamburger, don't take your ass to MacDonalds. It's not your responsibility to keep his dog off your property. If you don't want your dog to get beat up or run over by a car, YOU keep him home. So many people don't want to take responsibility for their lives.

  14. Thats what i told him. He thinks because we are in the country that the dogs should be able toi run free. I told him free running dogs usualy get run over for free.
    I think he has put his dog up. Heelers are a very territorial dog. At least mine are.
  15. you got me swing what is a blue dog or are you talking about a blue tict hound ,and whats a heeler ! they dont use that word up here in the yank land!lol tazz11

  16. Heelers are a special breed of cow dogs. They are used to herd cattle. There are two colors of heelers, Blue and Red.
    I use my heelers whhen i get my cows up to give them medicine or to take some to the market. If I command them to (heel to the corral) that is where they make the cows go. They usualy have my cows up before i get to the corral.
  17. my dog maxs just barks at the cows and he chases a cat know and then my friend down the raod has two sheep dogs but thats it for up this way! they sound like nice dogs bud head and if you get a pic show it plase ! good luck and thank for leting me know, i havent ever seen one so i didnt have any idea of what you guys were talking about but any dog that can win your hearts as you and bpp have showen is worth know more about!tazz11
  18. Rainman, go to I don't have any way to take a picture of my heelers. Go to this site and look at the heelers named cookie and that is what my blue heeler looks like.
  19. thanks man, i well check out !
  20. I have a red heeler cross (freebie!)

    Her name is Xena and she is smart, tough, loyal but a pain in the arse with bloody sticks and balls. You can throw that ball out into 15 foot waves and she will get it and bring it back to your feet ready for the next throw.

    Gotta go, my cone is packed and my man is getting shitty that I'm taking so long.

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