my dogs just ate bunch of pot brownies

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  1. I had a little less than third pan old pot brownies in my closet. I totally forgot I put them there. Anyways I woke up to my two pit bulls licking the pan clean. These were some wicked brownies too. I was messed up two days on two, i had tunnel vission and was talking to god. The youngest side stepped out a the room and staggered into the wall the oldest was running full speed bouncing off furniture. The young one made it to living room, eyes glazed, head wobbling, she fell over and passed out. The older ones sitting on stool crouched down and is waving back and forth like she's trying not to fall off. Anyways has this happened to anyone else.. They'll be OK right?
  2. I thought chocolate was a poison to dogs? Idk I hope they are ok
  3. No you made them OD OP call animal controlK
  4. They will be fine man! I remember making my first batch got to a mates put them down so I could roll a doobie, his puppy ate the lot and just slept all day.

    You could tell the puppy was stoned cause it usually was a pain in the ass but he was chilled out on his beanbag haha
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    Depends on how small the dogs are..the smaller they are, the more likely they are to die from it. If they are big dogs, they might not die. You should take them to the vet immediately.
    Chocolate has a chemical in it that is toxic to dogs, and can definitely kill them. It depends on the brownies too..if there was any added chocolate or fudge, it would be much worse for the dogs.
  6. My dogs ate my cookies once, they were fine but they pooped a lot! Like a lot a lot, in the house and stuff :( Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. caffeine is what kills dogs when they eat chocolate
  8. well your dogs might poop all over so be ready onec they awake lmao
  9. The puppy is bout 50 ib older one boy 40. They have gotten into chocolate before ate a bag of Hershey kisses wrappers and all. The older one jumped on counter and ate bunch grapes and was ok and grapes spose to be toxic. I'm nurse and take care of od pts all the time think main things keeping them breathing, which cats doing, the cat seems to know somethings wrong and keeps jumping and running at them, they're just looking at it eyes glazed and heads wobbling. I'm calling vet anyways and will c what they say. They're seriously my babies I love them lots and wd b so fkd up if they weren't ok
  10. it's actually theobromine which is similar to caffeine.
  11. They'll be okay, just let them be. Don't try to calm them down by touching etc. as that will only freak them out more.
  12. Bet those are some happy pit bulls!
  13. If they are really sick then when u take them outside they will be eating the grass which induces vomiting in dogs. If they don't then they are loving life and wondering why u haven't put the next batch in the oven...
  14. Said CD cause heart arythmias and seizures. Now the younger one won't wake up so I need to go to vet but have zero dollars till payday Friday and it's 25% more for emergency and they require u to pay 1/3 visit.
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    Hide your food, them pups is going to be hungry when they come to. 

    Edit: You sure the the younger one isn't waking up, did you give it an honest try to wake them up? 
    Weed can be a powerful drug and they may just be too high to respond consciously. 

    I know if it were my dogs I would be quite worried and would definitely consider the vet but I also wouldn't want to make a big deal out of something that potentially is nothing. 

    I don't want to advise you on how to deal with this, I would not want to feel responsible for the death of some dogs. 
  16. I hope you enjoy cleaning nice diarrhea up :lol:Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. She wakes up when stimulated respirations are ok heart rate ok so I think they'll b ok. I guess I shdnt get so stoned that I can't remember where or even that I did hide the brownies
  18. Oh yea no grass outside here is four feet snow and twenty below
  19. is that what does them in i allways wondered.

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