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Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Well as of right now my dog suger who is 16 years old 117 in dog years will be put to sleep within the next few days i was just infromed of this not even a hour ago so its still pretty fresh with me...
    I told my self along time ago i wouldent cry when i knew it was her time to go some of you may be thinking its just a dog but ive had this dog sense i was 4 years old she was my best friend when i was little and now i have to watch her lay on the floor not even moving .
    I dont know why im telling Gcity this but im just feelin a little messed up right now i mean damn im fighting the tears off
    I figured maybe i could use a lil carma or some thing of that matter . :(
  2. its alright to cry. I don't know what I would do if I lost my pooch...sending lots of good karma, peace
  3. Sending karma your way, buddy. I know how that is. When I was 14 we had to put my dog to sleep, who we had before I was even born. It's real hard to deal with, but just keep your head up and think about the good times.
  4. I've had a few animals put to sleep and it sucks. I don't know what I'll do when something happens to my dog that I have now. I've never loved a dog as much as I love him.

    I'm really sorry that you're having to deal with this, Chronic. Just pet her, talk to her and let her know that you love her. Try to keep any stress factors away from her such as loud music and any kind of excitement. Just soothe her. You two have spent a long time together. She just needs to feel that love before it's time for her to go into her deep, last sleep.

    I'm sending ~karma~ to you. It will be hard and the next few weeks will be harder but you'll get through it and we'll all be here for you. Never be too proud to cry...keeping it in only makes things worse. Just try not to cry around her too much, she'll know you're upset and she'll want to try to make you feel better. Dog's are like that especially when they've been with you forever.

    Again, I'm really sorry that you are going through this. :(
  5. That sucks man. I don't know what I would do if I had to put my dog to sleep. I send you some Karma man. Its a hard thing to go through. You might need to smoke a bowl or two to help you through.

  6. Thanks guys for all the advice and good karma comin from ya
    ...i gotta say this is why i love this place because i know theres people like you guys who are here to help you out when you need it most :)
  7. Hey chronic that really sucks man. I had to put my dog asleep that I had since before I was born just last year...It really sucked it was my best friend, think about it...No matter what you do to that dog if you had it for along time it will always be there for you..Before the dog died about 3 days before we put it asleep I smoked him out and got him to eat and he looked perfect for those few hours...but then he just sat back down on the floor...See, when anyone would come to the door he would go crazy and start barking, and one day a person came to the door and he just wouldnt bark...Anyway we didnt actually get him to the vet...I went out to breakfest and saw my dog before I went he didnt look too swell....When I came back he was shaking and lookin terrible...So I held him for 4 hours while he just passed away...Think I cried forever...But hey, get a new doggy that looks like yours!!!What doesnt kill us, makes us stronger right???You'll see your doggy in dog heaven=D...Sending excellent karma..

    Dogs are really a persons best friend...I hope you are okay and take LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTTTTSSS of pictures before he moves on...
  8. hey my dog taylor is 14 and i grew up with him he was my dads and my dad gave him to me for christmas one year and ive had him around me for so long and we have to put him to sleep in 5 days its his appointment, man i cried, i cried a lot, but its just that he was so old and he couldnt move and he was my childhood best frend , so departing with him will be awfull and ive been dreading this day for weeks, il send some prayer you way if u send some mine.we are here for yuh...

  9. sorry what i reall ment to say was that you and i are in the same boat, if u will, and things'll be fine, time heals all
  10. Truely sorry for you man! I lost my dog a little over a year ago. He was about 15. Don't feel bad for crying over your pooch man. People that don't understand, probably haven't felt the unconditional love, that a pet gives you. Like I said, its been over a year since I lost my boy, and I still get all water-eyed at times when I think of him. Seems like I would miss him the most right after I got home, or when I went to bed. He was never more than a few feet behind me, and it was real tough getting used to him NOT being there. But I don't care what anybody says, animals have souls. At times, it seems I can feel my boy coming to check out how his papa is doin.

    My dog luckily went pretty peacfully. He died in the middle of the night. ( vet said he had a heart attack ) And I didn't get to really love on him or say goodbye to him. So as RMJL said, shower her with all your love now, since you still have the chance. Let her know how good she's been for you, and let her know it's time for her to go.

    I waited a few months, and got me a little puppy. I know he'll never be able to take Brunos My other dog place, but I don't expect him to. I am learning to love him for different reasons. Our house was so sad feeling after we lost Bruno, that we had to do something. Our 13 year old female quit eating for over a week. And it seemed like all me and my GF could do was mope around all weepy. Just like for a person, when you lose a pet, who is more like a family member than a pet, you need a period of mourning. All I'm saying is, if you get a nother dog, try not to do it too soon. You will never be able to replace you dog, and if you get one too soon, you end up trying to get the new dog to be just like your old one.

    Sorry to keep rambeling like this. But I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Hell, I got a little choked up writing this. So Chronic and dmb, all I can say is, give those dogs all the love you can. I'm sending good vibes and puppy love to you guys. I am sure sorry you all have to go through this, and I sure hope you guys don't hurt for too long.
  11. I understood you crystal clear dmb and you know ill send out karma for you too man.
  12. i remember when I had to put my dog to sleep. We got her when I was three and had her for 10 years. It was a sad sad time. It's tough, but you'll get through it. And another dog is always nice. It's not the same as an old pal that you grew up with, but it's a new best friend. I love my new dog as much as my old dog and we've had her for nearly 7 years now. I guess it also helped that we found our new dog 6 months before our old dog died so it didn't feel like a replacement dog. Hell, our old dog was very healthy when we found our new dog.

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