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  1. Background: so my dog is almost 4 years old, well actully its my moms dog, but since i still live at home shes kinda mine too. but she is a female and a purebred irish terrier and she has been semi-territorial about certain parts of the house where she has nested, and made a den for puppies, but she never was actually pregnant. well due to her terretorialness < is that a word?, oh well she has bitten me, my mom, and most recently my girlfriend. once she gets into that feral state its very hard to calm her down. she would dive under my moms bed and just growl for an hour(rhymes), typically around when my mom goes to bed.
    So today my mom finally got her fixed, and took her home cuz she didnt want to leave Maura(dogs name) at the vets overnight for 13 hours unattended.
    and Maura is just so fucked up right now shes just sittin on the couch next to me as i type this. now typically this is what would happen if she smoked with me...yes i smoke with my dog because she always opens the door to my room and wont stop sniffing the bubbler till she gets a hit, although this is much more extreme than anytime she ever gotten high with me, so i just hope she doesnt associate being kidnapped and cut open with gettin baked with me...idk if this really makes sense but im too lazy to proof read
  2. She'll be alright. Losing your reproductive capabilities is hard on any semi-intelligent animal.

    Just keep giving her love and be a good friend while she adjusts.

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