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Discussion in 'General' started by stevieponiczz, May 3, 2002.

  1. Me and my dog just got she is the pug princess Katie.

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  2. and another..

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  3. awww. she's a cutie!
    could somebody have just topped lucky? im thinking maybe.;)
  4. I don't know........does this one eat the plants???

  5. tsk tsk scares me how well some of you listen and remember. ;)
    buuut... im sure you might have known that, one lil dead looking 'stump he left me with grew alot of new folage...somthing i didnt expect at all. talk about pruning.
    and i still loved that dirty stinkin lil fuker even after he did that.

  6. I am glad to hear that stump is chuting up good growth,,Are you ,,or did you ,,do the fence idea???

    Yea they can be shits sometimes ...but ya still love shepherd is just as guilty as the next dog on some of the stunts.....

  7. i was way too chicken, i planted them on somebody elses property :D
    *flashin a peace sign*
  8. cute dogs both stevieponiczz and critter! my mom has one of those, we call him shorty :) what a sweet little guy! i love these lil dogs :)
  9. i love dogs, big dogs. ones that can tackel me.
  10. I love large dogs,,,they are the best,,,they can go anywhere you go, and look good doin it....peace


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