My doggie got his balls cut off today ..

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Headhunterpipes, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. That's a handsome dog. Invest some time (and$$) in training until he's socialized. It will be worth the effort.
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  2. At times I am ready to give on my doggie ,, I was hoping him getting fixed would slow him down, It didn't ..
    My is such a pain in the ass I cant leave him home he tears up my home .
    I took him to New Mexico 950 miles one way ,, he did good ,, I was surprised .
    But when I got back home it was like he reverted back to his old habits ..

    My dog is just flat to much for me ,, I love him and don't wish to get rid of him ..
    But I have some operations coming up ,, and not sure what to do ..

    Right now i cant leave him alone in my house ,, he tears stuff up ...
  3. Sounds like you need to crate train him. That behavior is separation anxiety.
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  4. I not a big believer in chaining or locking up my doggie in a small area .
    His anxiety drives me nuts ...
  5. You are the problem good sir and I don't mean that in a disrespectful or offensive way.

    Dogs are highely sensitive to energy, all the anxiety you feel is being projected onto your dog. You must feel very comfortable and relaxed during car rides and the dog receives that and Mimics it. Once youre back home, stress of real life hits and you assume the dog wants to eat your couches and thus your reality is manifested.

    Watch some cesar Milan and see his Buddhist ways of *****rehabilitating**** dogs and ***training*** humans.
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  6. I wasn't a believer in crate training either but it's not like you're jailing him for extended periods, just when you need to go someplace like the store. It's in his best interest, believe me you'll both be happier. He's just out of his puppy stage and will take about 6 months to bond with you. If you don't know his history you may have a lot of work ahead of you, if you have the time and desire. I would highly recommend finding local dog obedience training classes for the both of you. When he tests your patience never raise your voice and yell at him, that only makes things worse by confusing him. Once he trusts you and knows what you want he'll be a great friend.

    If you're not able or interested in the investment of time and $$, you might not be a dog person. How did you come by him in the first place?
  7. You know all that without asking one question ???
  8. It's not rocket science. Dogs are the simplest creatures on this planet to understand. They are pack animals, they need to be in a group and that group needs one alpha leader. If the human doesn't take that position or doesn't know how to correctly assume that position, the dog instinctively steps up and takes over and now he his the leader and his human is the follower and part of his pack.

    It's small things like "does your dog have a bowl of food always on the ground" 99% of dog owners answer yes.

    This makes the dog an alpha. He always has access to his meals and he gets to choose whenever he eats. A good alpha human would never leave food around. The aloha sits down and eats first, then he lets the pack eat. So only after a human has dinner should he then make food for his dog, place it down, let the dog eat, if the dog doesn't finish you pick the bowl up and put it away until next feeding schedule.

    There's a million of these little things that no one cares to research before they go out and take on the responsibility of nurturing life from a different species
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  9. Hmmm
  10. He went through the rear car door window ,,, 300.00 $ repair .
    jumped in my lap while I was sitting in a chair and pushed me over backwards ..
    Three staples in the back of my head ,, 20190829_060216.jpg 20200210_094028.jpg 20200219_191153.jpg
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