My doggie got his balls cut off today ..

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    20190628_101656.jpg 20190714_092847.jpg 2 year old German Shepherd 75 pounds … and fuck me is he a handful .
    His name is Baloo and he came from a US marine base ,,,

    He has some bad habits ,, one is scaring the holy piss out people ..( LIKE ME ) and every single person who comes to the gate in front of my home or at the drive up window at the fast food joints or if you are walking down the street he acts like he is going to leap out the window of my car/pick up as we are driving by ..
    He charges only people ,, hair standing on end and barking as loud as he can , full throttle .
    he acts like he is going to attack but doesn't or hasn't sense I have had him ..
    And If leave him in the car or my pick up he tears up stuff and barks loud and none stop .
    Same goes for my home … he is a rescue dog ,,, he was on his way to the dog pound when I said I will take him .
    I already had the cops called on me because he was barking in the car.
    I have had him for 3 months …. my arms are still healing up ,,, he did like to nibble on my arms and hands drawing blood ..
    There is some issue where he really wasn't raise/train properly ,, but I don't want to go down that road ..

    Brought him home from the vets about 2 hours ago ,, he looks and acts like he just got his balls cut off..
    He isn't barking and he is moving around pretty slow .
    He is sticking pretty close to me and acts like he got punished for doing something wrong .
    Which he did do plenty wrong , just not today when I had the appointment for him to get cut..
    Just the thought of getting my nuts cut off make's me want to grab my goods and hang on .
    I really don't care for the idea of having his balls cut off ….
    But if he bits someone or he gets stupid when a cop is around he is going to get shot …..
    I feel that maybe this might save his life if him getting fixed calms him down ..
    I feel bad for him ,,, he is trying to rest right now ,,, but he did have a real tough time laying down and getting confrontable .

    Parts of me don't like this and the other side is dam he destroying the stuff in my house and cars,, so I am pissed about that.
    The other side of the coin is he wasn't trained or taken care of properly and allot of this might not be the dogs fault ..
    But He cant be aggressive …… that shit will get him and me in a world of shit .
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  2. He looks like a fine dog, but if he is truly dangerous, he should be put to sleep before somebody, or another party's pet, gets hurt, or worse.
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    You did the right thing, man. You and he will be happier in the long run, and the last thing this world needs is another litter of puppies. They bounce back pretty quickly from the big snip snip. He'll be playing ball in no time (too soon?).
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  4. I will give it some time ,,, I need to learn how to train my own dog .
    I am hoping him getting cut will calm him down ., as of right now he is calmer then I have ever seen him.
    My guess is he is hurting some too.
    Still to soon to know , Allot easier making a dog aggressive then to teach them to be calm, lest for the German Shepherd breed .

    I guess I should start looking up stuff that will teach him not to be aggressive ..
    He is fine around children and other animals ,,,, it just adults he has a issue with …

    I guess I am a little worried , I know deep inside I am not dog trainer or even opened up a book on the subject .
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  5. It's probably fear that is causing the aggression. My dog is the same way. Whenever my pup (she's 4yo) is entering a situation that triggers her, I give her praise and treats before she can react, so she eventually will look forward to the situation, rather than fearing it. Might work for you. It was advice from our vet. Good luck!
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    I wouldn't trust the dog around children. I wouldn't have a dog like that but rather or not, no way I would trust that dog around kids. Aggressive and untrained is aggressive and untrained no matter how you slice it up. Owners fault, hopefully you do the right thing from this point on. If you dont have the time or the ambition to train a dog properly from the get go, don't own a dog.
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    39103B1A-1C7B-46B5-A2F4-B9EE7AFC182E.jpeg 0682D186-E15A-467F-B494-4255B55176C9.jpeg FEB4D9A9-B2AA-45B0-88F1-03111C6435BC.jpeg
    Congrats man new best friend once ya two learn each other. I’d Take em to school for dogs man then try to socialize him with walks and dog parks. Lol he’s prob bein cool now cus ya got him snipped. Lol prob like “damn dude don’t play.”
    Next time he starts biting on ya yelp like a dog he’ll realize he’s hurting u. When he barks pinch his nose until he yelp’s or stops barking, if he’s actin nuts in the house toward ya turn ur back to em n give em no attention or eye contact. If he’s tearin shit up get em some toys or bones. Get a choker collar to leash train em.
    These are all things I had to do with my dog and she’s awesome now don’t even have to give verbal commands just hand gestures or shake my head no most the time.
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  8. Itll make a massive difference mate. Id watch him for a few days cos lets face it, youve just had his balls chopped off. He knows whats happened and he knows its your fault so if he is truly an aggro dog he might hold the grudge for a bit. Calms em down pretty quickly though. Its worked with both dogs weve had it done to and know a fair few others aswell.
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  9. Man your dog is fucking beautiful, i love German Shepherds : )

    @GorillaGherkin - A friend of mine has a same dog like yours (Forgot the race name) and she's so damn smart..she also gave birth a few months ago..some beautiful puppies were brought to this world :D
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  10. Thnx man next to the wife n kid she’s my world. Nuthin like comin home n havin er b super excited to see me can change ur night if ya had a bad day.
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  11. So far its seems to have chilled him out ,, Notable difference .
    I took him over to a friends house there was about a dozen people there ,, he didn't act aggressive toward anyone .I am also trying to train him at the same time , and kept him on a leash most of the time we were there .
    Actually he was very well behaved the whole time there .
    Noticed a slight improvement when people come over ..

    This dog went from being starved to eating rib steak I can remove the steak out of his mouth .
    He knows I am his master I don't think he knows what I expect from him as in I didn't get him to be a guard dog .
  12. If he chilled out straight away then I'd say your onto a winner mate. Great time to start training too, with his new submissive mood. Not easy to control big dogs like. I wouldn't do it again. Wouldn't mind a wee terrier or something but had a gun dog before and he was just too much work. Easy to train but hated everyone but me lol.
  13. I am the dogs last hope ,,, if I cant bring this dog around he will be put down ..
    Very beautiful animal to be put down ,,
  14. That face just says. "I miss chewing on my balls man..."
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  15. Hon, in the long run he will be better off medically and calmer than if he were not neutered. You've done him a favor! Don't over-think it, once the wound has healed, everything goes back to "normal" for him (only he's now in a loving home where he can heal and learn how to act).

    Have you thought about giving him CBD? If you are in a legal state, check at the dispensary. I know that at the dispensary that I volunteer at, they sell a fair number of "Vet CBD" products!

    I would get on YouTube and start watching "Train your dog" videos. Pick ones that train with lots of praise and rewards. Like a friend once said, "There are no bad dogs, just abused and neglected ones!" It will take work, patience and love to undo whatever was done to him to make him the way he is.

    You have to undo the neglect, abuse and fear he has learned, and teach him how to be the dog he should be. If you can keep up his training for a year (loving a dog that long is easy!), at the end, you will have a wonderful companion!

    And buy him a big raw bone, or at least one of those big rawhide chews! Having something to chew on often slows down the destructive behavior.

    My tech-savy son just wandered in, and suggested two other ideas, there are apparently "doggie TV" apps you can stream that might appeal to him.

    But the other thing that sounds more promising, is an app that connects to a speaker/ camera/ dog treat dispenser! So you peek in on Baloo on your phone, tell him he's a good boy, and pop out a treat for him. I have no idea what it's called- sorry!

    Granny :wave:
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  16. Got an update for GC.
  17. I’m a firm believer that no dog is beyond saving. I suggest researching dog behavior, and attention training.

    Rescue dogs are a huge responsibility, and every dog has a different personality.

    German shepherds have the highest bite rate of any other dog breed and for good reason. They have been selectively breed for generations, and as a result have a lot of anxiety. The fact the dog is sticking near you after getting neutered is a tell sign.

    Dogs with anxiety enjoy body wraps and harnesses, my German shepherd mix does for sure. That is a easy way to start.
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