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    Heres a cool story, bros

    i went to my parents house the other day, and my dog got in the trash and nabbed a cheese wrapper. i think he wanted me to see him do that cause they normaly know not to get the trash infront of you. my dad said to get the wrapper from him so i tried but he was gettin angry and was growlin. i wasnt about to let my own dog tell me what to do so i had to fight him for the wrapper. he bit me many times, not hard but it broke the skin a little(it healed the next day so it wasnt bad at all). he was biting me like he was trying to show me up. it was kind of a power struggle. but i got the wrapper from him. anyway i was pissed and felt really betrayed that my dog would bite me to lick a fuckin cheese wrapper. it might have been because my family wasnt feeding them enough or didnt feed them that day. they have been know to do that they let my snake die of starvation and dehydration when they said they would take care of her. but thats what you get when you let a 8 year old and a mother take care of reptiles.

    dogs:mans best friend, unless they are hungry.

    edit: my mom said that dogs are dumber than you think and he was only trying to eat(then fuckin feed them) but i think they are smarter than we give them credit. that goes for all animals. except goldfish, they are retarded. i think he did that so i would know to feed them, but i was raging and left after that. i hope he ate.
  2. smh. learn to train your dog.
  3. cool story to the max bro-suph!
  4. my dog is more trained than alot of dogs i know. he knows a handful of commands. i think he was tryin to tell us they were hungry.
  5. Sounds to me like your family isn't responsible enough to have pets if they tend to not feed and water them.
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    they really arent. they seem to think stress is an ok excuse for neglect.
    Dad-"if you don't make noise, you dont get fed"
    that really pissed me off when i heard that

    if it were up to me i wouldnt even let them have pets except our dogs
  7. Have you considered an alternative housing arrangement for your dog? It doesn't sound like you live there so I'm guessing the dog can't go with you. Perhaps a friend or another family member.
  8. i wish i could take my dogs, and one of my cats(hes chill as fuck and has been through some shit. it was before he got adopted) its not some animal cops houston shit where the dogs are chained to a tree and you can see their ribs. but they seemed to act like the pets were more of a hassle. they need to stop being nice and taking peoples pets. i should be telling them this instead of random stoners on the internet.

  9. you now know what you must do......go forth my child!
  10. you did the right thing when he's being a punk just own his ass. Dog is man's best friend but when they step out of line you got to put them in their place. Dogs are smart as hell they get it

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