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  1. I was just wondering what you all though about a dog's death. My dog JJ is currently 15 years old, had her since I was three. She's getting on a bit, having a hard time jumping on the bed (she's an inside dog) and she sleeps most of the time, her eyesight is pretty bad but her mind is still pretty good.

    I wanted some advice on dealing with a dog's death (this is my first and only dog) and dealing with death in general. I've only had my grandfather die who I was never close to and hardly ever met so I never truly dealed with loss and greif properly.

    I know I'll be distraught when I lose her, I'm just wondering if I should replace her relatively quickly or wait a bit before getting another dog in order to help me cope.

    Any advice is appreciated :)
  2. well, it sorta depends on you. for me ideally i get a new dog quick, helps me deal with it.
    i lost my pit like 4-5yrs ago(first dog that i completely took care of n trained on my own) only had her for half a year before she died. she was the best dog i ever met. her death hit me real hard but i didnt get a new1 til my childhood dog died 2-3 years ago.
    he was a bit of an asshole n a pussy(lab that hated water), now my rottweiler mix is like a reincarnation of him.
    i guess i would go to a shelter or w/e method u wish to get a new dog. check em out n see how u feel, then go from there
  3. If you aren't short on money, get a new dog if you really think you need to. I've had my dog since he was only several months old, and now he's 3 so hopefully I won't have to worry about dealing with a dog's death for quite a while.
  4. I'd probably go to the shelter and get a new badass dog right away, I can't imagine losing my dog George.
  5. Man, when I lost my littel Rotty it destroyed me! I was a wreck for at least a week. I loved her so much. There is no magic pill to take to ease the pain. There is no grieving in advance, you have to take it as it comes and it sucks so hard. When the time comes, try to involve youreself in some project that will take your mind off of the loss. And don't be ashamed to grieve for your puppy. They are family members and lossing them hurts, I know.
  6. Losing a dog sucks , hard. When my first dog died I cried my eyes out. I still say a prayer for him every night.

    As for getting another dog , don't rush in to it. If you get it to fast you'll have resentment towards it because you're still grieving over your dogs death. But when your ready , getting a new dog can start a whole new bond and friendship.
  7. If you're already planning on getting another dog, you might want to get it before your current dog passes because it will be a bit of a bridge there. You don't want to replace your beloved pet, so you can have a new one who knew your old dog but who is a different dog entirely. Death is hard to deal with, especially if you're someone who does not believe in an after-life, so be sure to focus on the good times and remember all the wonderful things you two did together.

    Good luck with everything, and hopefully your buddy will surprise you and live for another decade!

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