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My dog watches tv

Discussion in 'General' started by Spark It29, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Like seriously, my dog will sometimes just stare at the tv for a few minutes time. It's happened frequently where she's stared at it for at least a couple minutes.
  2. My girl's dog does exactly the same. He has his own chair behind the TV and he sits there staring at us, then looks at the TV like he's thinking, "Why the hell are you guys staring at that thing?" Then he comes over and gets on my knee and just STARES at it for ages. Whenever a dog comes on he does the old tilt-of-the-head thing with his ears up haha.
  3. Dude, my dog totally does it too. I've noticed he does it most often when cartoons, animals, or children are on the screen.
  4. Yeah mine will pretty much only if animals are on the screen..
  5. A grown puppy hump my leg once
  6. my cat watches tv with me every night before bed
  7. Cat watches me play video games for hours on end, not just sitting in my lap intently watches, sometimes even runs up to the screen to attack terrorists download.jpg .
  8. Damn I did not realize there were such a high number of tv watching pets.
  9. My dog's stupid.
  10. well there is movement on screen humans obviously like it and pets crave companion ship so if say you like to drive alot and you take your pet if they didnt before eventually (most of the time) they will enjoy driving because they are doing somthing with you also for the aged pet it gives them somthing to do other then just laying there
  11. i was thinking about this the other day but my dog doesnt understand human shit i know some people have pets that like to listen to music and watch tv and shit
  12. My cat loved watching nature.

    She'd watch the whole episode.

  13. That's called a "Dog"!

  14. straight up, my dog stares at ME all the time, no exceptions
  15. I was house sitting for my sister and her cat was watching the Summer Olympics. Like I would leave the TV on for him and I would return and he'd be just sitting there watching swimming or something.
  16. I don't think my dog is interested in tv, but my cat sits on my lap and watches me play videogames, produce music, and do homework. He's a very curious companion.

    And when I was a child one of my friends had a weinerdog that watched tv like all day every day. If they left the house they would leave the tv on, and when they came back he would be laying on an ottoman in front of the tv watching whatever lol.
  17. you guys realize that dogs and cats cant see what we see when they look at a tv, all they see is blurring lines because they have much better eye sight than humans
  18. No reason to believe that is true. Different dogs have different vision. Sight hounds have the best. My friends beagle watches TV and will bark whenever there is a dog on the screen.
    You have no fucking idea how many dog food commertials there are until you attach a 100 decibel alarm to every single one.
  19. My cat watches me play BF3. If only I could get her an Xbox; we could be wingmen.
  20. My dog doesn't even know what a tv is. It just sleeps all day

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