my dog smoked my weed

Discussion in 'General' started by bottomdog, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. :D

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  2. nice :) spark it up and see what he does. haha
  3. SHE! :mad: ...i family hugs my dog a lot so if she smells liek weed they might get a little upset ...:( :D
  4. Puff on that J and exhale into your dog's nose to get it high.
  5. omg...that is sooo fuckin funny dude...she already looks pretty loaded though
  6. Is gettin your dog fucked up dangerous for it? I have a dog thats about 35 lbs and i heard anything over 5 is safe, but still i dont wanna hurt her, and how exactly do you tell when a dog is stoned
  7. nice rolling job btw.... did the dog do it...?
  8. thanks im really happy cause its only liek the 3rd time ive tried rolling...:D
  9. i get my cats high. just breath a big puff of smoke right into her face dude, and she'll just breathe it in. maybe not all of it, cos if she doesn't like it she'll just move.

    my cats are lazy, so they just sit there and think "ah, fuck it, i don't care"
  10. or when youve had too much and you start lookin weird
  11. Damn your dog is hoggin all the bud...!

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  12. AHH!!! shes at it again!

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  13. haha, her eyes look droopy, like she's stoned. my psycho dog would probably eat the joint if i put it in his mouth.
  14. That bitch is so fucked she can't move!!!:D
  15. shes happy now :)
  16. b4 my bro alwaysgot my dog stoned, he would just walk in and stand there not moving for a minute then just leave....the do itbout 3 more times thenjust go lay down.. but no i have got him stoned a few times and i guess he likes it.. welli have also got my cat stoned, bad idea, she would keep commin up to me and start licking me.. weird shit.. for like an hour just keep buggin me!>!?>!?!!??>!<>!?

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