My dog knows when Im high

Discussion in 'Pets' started by fvckweed, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Never really thought about the dog getting high when in same room.

    Now that i have. Yea it certainly is a fucking dogs life.
  2. Dogs are brilliant at picking up on human emotions, when your stoned id imagine it's harder to read for them.
  3. Ya my dog used to act funny when i was high too lol
    I'd come home try to pet him and when he smells my hands he pulls away, looks down as if thinking, and fucks off and go sits by himself somewhere within view. The first time i remember him looking really perplexed
  4. lol, he was like 8 months at the time and i use to let him free, probably ascosiated the smell with unsavoury characters or something and it really confused him
  5. God my cat LOVES when I'm high. I mean, he is a snuggler normally anyway, always up in everyones lap.
    But when I'm stoned, he seems to know and MUST get on my lap. I think I pet him better or something when I'm high cause his fur feels cool.

  6. When I get a certain bong in my house, my cat will come up and try and sniff smoke lingering around the bong, or the smoke off the bowl.. and usually tries to inhale the smoke. Only for one bong though, not just any bong.

  7. You are completly full of shit. The vet said the parrot died from smoking ganja......fuck off ya troll lol! I would love to talk to that vet. Find out the tests he administered. Hell you might have the first case ever of something actually dying from smoking ganja.

    Vet said the bird died from second hand ganja smoke my ass lol! I actually snorted orange juice out of my nose on that....
  8. I don't think the vet probably meant birds are sensitive to only pot smoke, probably smoke in general. Maybe the guy smoked cigarettes too. If they're sensitive, then there's no sense in having them around any smoke
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    Smoke of any kind is bad for their lungs dude.. They're not humans .please don't insult me. Their lung structure is completely different than ours and what doesn't kill us could very well kill them. Cannabis smoke very much does have tars and other ickies in them.. Just look at a used pipe. THAT is what harms them, never did I say THC or any other actives contributed. Only the fact that it was smoked and the birds getting smoke when they breathe. Vaping wouldn't harm them due to there being no smoke thus no issue.

    They are also sensitive to aerosols, air fresheners , sented candles etc; and a Google search of birds and air born irritant affects there is many sites where smoking is the number one thing to avoid doing around them. :(
  10. Also no clue what happened to my post o.o

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  11. I could care less what my pets think of me being stoned.
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  12. My dog always wants to smell my pipes and lighters....always comes and sits at my feet and stares at me when I smoke

    The Mole Hole
  13. ahh memories, i loved our parakeets.they would hop on my finger and i would put them on my shoulder (im 6'4, prolly thought i was a tree). i remember one time i was watching tv and petting one of them (i had 4 parakeets ) and the fucker started clipping my nails , it didn't hurt, i was just like wtf lol. oh yeah, they like to shit.

    your dog was like i need to shit, when is this mothafucka gonna let me out lol
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  14. my dog used to know when I was high he would come out we would sit there is get high as soon as I was high he would not listen to me as much as he k we I was too high to get up and make him do it lol

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  15. Lmao, same. My Yorkie acts differently when I smoke. I assume its because my mental state is different, and they can sense that shit. She would stare at me and whine here and there. Always bothering me for something ONLY when stoned
  16. My little shi-tzu is a lap dog when I'm high. Otherwise tearing ass all over the damn house.... we used to call her monkey ninja because she would run, jump up on your knee, jump from there to lick you on the mouth and before you could say "what the fuck"..... the little shit was gone and hiding. Fucking dog. But ya, when I'm good and toasty she knows that It's a good time to chill out.

    We have a chubby white peekingese / poodle mix also. She is laid back and gives zero fucks about anything. Well unless there is food or tummy rubs involved.
  17. I find they sort of get a contact high of sorts.

    Some like it, some don't. I'm tend to avoid being high around animals for that reason...they're a little too sensitive.

    Definitely interesting. My brothers pyrenese freaks out and tries to break of the leash when I've walked and smoked multiple times and ONLY then. Some energies just aren't right for certain animals. For a while I internalized that but you have other animals that seem to love it.

    Quite odd.

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