My dog knows when Im high

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  1. I know you will look at this post like wtf lol but I swear. I will get home from school and say hi to my dog and she is happy to see me blah blah blah. Then I'll go outside and smoke and come back in and her whole attitude towards me has seemed to change. She is more on edge, watches me so fucking closely, like doesn't take her eyes off me. She usually has eye contact issues like she doesn't like eye contact, but when I'm high I feel like I'm staring at fucking medusa lol. What a weird little one she is xD 3 yr old yellow lab.

  2. Its because you don't invite her out.  Certainly don't get her high but bring her with you so she can do her business.
    Pweez wet me come wit you
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  3. lmao she does get all mad when I don't let her come w me lol xD

  4. She/he thinks you are punishing them because you are not letting them outside with you. Does she keep her head down and look at you from her/he periphial?
  5. animals love a good buzz. they do it all the time out in their natural environments. i had a friend in high school whos mom was a big stoner. she also raised parakeets on the side. she was at one time a big bird buff. had some of the most rare birds on the planet and i saw millions of amazing pictures.
    anyway, the parakeets would sit above us on the rail that went around the top of the bar. the little bar was near their pool table and it was one chill spot to get high at. the little birds would get all loud and shit chirping up a storm because the second hand smoke was going up and they had come to like the feeling i guess. because if we left the area the birds would follow us.
    they were friendly birds too. fed by hand and loved people. they would hop on you and groom you. little moles or freckles they would look at as parasites and try to bite them off of you. not hard enough to hurt mind you just love nibbles lol. they would come your hair and poop on you too lol!! 
    i hadn't thought of that in years. hell i might have actually forgot about that. man it was a long ass time ago. [​IMG]
  6. Could it be a smell your body excretes after you've smoked? Or any difference in your chemistry that your dog can sense maybe?

    I have a cockatiel and the same situation lol. I used to keep her in my room and I would bake her out with me atleast 5 days a week LOL. Every time she heard me open my smoking box and the glass clanking she'd go crazy and WOULDNT STFU LOL. Then she moved out into the hall and doesn't chirp as much :( I always walk by and tell her I miss our bake sedges when my parents around LOL. Those were definitely a good times lol. She would get too lazy to balance on a perch when high so she'd go down and sit on the ground 😂😂😂 memories lol.

  8. maybe a change in my demeanor. I'm either really giggly or chilled lol.

    lol sometimes. She is just the weirdest dog I've ever had. But I love her very much.

  9. Just a reminder people...
 problem talking about your pets, but...
  10. my bad. I actually thought was a rule like that but didn't feel like checking. I appreciate it thank you. For the record I never intentionally got them high, I just have very close relationships with my pets so they're always near me lol. Sorry to the admins it won't happen again

  11. Ya my dog is always with me, she runs around outside while I blaze in the garage than we both head in together haha, she acts weird and bugs me when im baked though
  12. Think someone is too high!

  13. Dude I took my dogs to the dog park after a bowl and a cookie. I have to lay in the grass for a while I was so hi. We have a great day
  14. It's because your behavior changes when you're stoned.   Dogs are huge on communicating with body language.   A paranoid person is a distressed person and that can put a dog on edge
  15. i'm sure they do...
  16. I'm so high I'm a dog
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  17. When I smoke with my friends, the friend's dog also barks constantly.

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