My Dog just died..

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  1. My mom just phoned me up and told me my dog had been hit by a car... Just dont know what to do... Feel like im going to puke, its not like i dont have enough shit going on in my life and then this happens...I just need some closure... Dont know what to do....
  2. I'm sorry man. I have had 2 dog die on me and it wasn't very fun. I wish you the best of luck. Buying a new puppy is always a good way to get over a lost friend, while making a new one. :wave:
  3. Id rather not have to go through the whole ordeal again. I mean, like i said, this is bad enough...
  4. Dude I feel for you. Just remember that he's in doggy heaven right now having the time of his life. Just remember all the good times you spent with him. Did the driver stop though? cause that would make me feel better at least.
  5. aww man.. sry to hear that.. there was this guy earlier on GC talking about he wanted his dog to die... sry it was you that it actually happend to
  6. Ya that really is a shame...many a cat been lost the same way. Eventually you will be better....all you can do now is sit back, smoke a bowl and remember the good times................while listening to Dust In The Wind:smoke:
  7. I dont know, all i know is that it was an isntant death. Thats the only happy part about it. That my dog didnt have to suffer.
  8. nooo:(. im sorry for your loss man....i nvr want sammy to die:mad:. Shits not cool man that driver better have pulled over.
  9. Well it will help you cope with your loss. Puppy's are always fun to have, and you can make a new friend for the years to come. Just a suggestion. :wave:
    I wish you the best. Remember, dogs don't always live forever, as well as humans. Just remember the good times you spent together, and that he is in a better place.
  10. Fuck bro, this thread is gonna make me get an electric fence. My dog has gotten out way too many times and thank God every time we managed to get him. If he managed to make it to the main road though, he'd be gone. Just remember that by you're dog passing away, it'll help someone learn from your experience and hopefully save another dog's life.

  11. and arrested.

    then prison.
  12. Damn I'm really sorry to hear that, I love animals more than people I know how you must be feeling. This bowl goes out to you man, hope you have some herb to light up as well
  13. i know how you feel.. i got attached to my dog.. i wouldnt know what to do if something happened to my lil buddy
  14. Well there ya go.

    At least he didn't live to be super old, suffering everyday with some sort of disease or something like a bladder infection until he had to be "put to sleep" like poor ole Trouble (RIP). He probably didn't even see it coming and didn't feel a thing.

    Good vibes, man.

  15. Just remember, your dogs having lots of fun in doggy heaven. as long as you stay positve about hes in a better place, shit will go by easier.

    Sorry for your loss.
  16. damn man, my condolences to you and everyone else affected by that fluffy little pal!

    Losing a family member isn't hard to cope with but what eases it that much more is another companion.....
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    Yah but the problem is every time id see that dog id think about this one....

  18. well you got to give it time. Don't go out tomorrow and buy a new dog. Take time to remember him and mourn his death. I waited a month when my last dog died and I got another.
  19. Man, we just put my dog down about two months ago and not a day goes by that I dont miss something about her. We did however get a new dog two weeks later so that helped a little bit. I had about a month advance notice becuase we had to put her down, and even went into the vets office and stayed with her till the end. I cried with my mom, and being a 20yo thats not something i do often. But just think about all the joy your dog brought you, and remeber that dogs cannot last forever. It sucks you never got to say goodbye :( may your dog RIP. I hope you feel better too man.
  20. Sorry bout that kinda know what your goin through, my dogs got cancer n hes gonna die soon :( but all dogs go to heaven.

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