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  1. Just kidding he doesn't need any help. Hes stoned as FUCK. :smoke:


    he is NOT high people...i would never do that to Apollo unless he asked me. hes very happy though :)
  2. Cool dog, bro.
  3. I love ur dog
  4. Haha he does look high.
  5. Haha my friend has a black lab who's named Apollo as well.
  6. The title broke my heart, took me forever to click.
  7. Stoner dog is stoned
  8. haha my dog does that a lot. she will just sit in the sun like that
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    Lol my little dog will stop i his tracks and stare right at the sun with the cutest squinty look ever. Lol.
  10. That's no dog...

    This is a dog.

  11. What a coincidence, that's exactly what I looked like sitting on the toilet a few minutes ago.
  12. LOL

    This one time my friend left a couple brownies on his desk when he went to school and his dog came by and ate them. The dog was stoned and just sat on the couch completely spaced out. Anyways, the family came home and freaked out and took the dog to the vet because he was high as fuck and almost unresponsive. When my friend got home and realized his brownies were missing, he put 2 and 2 together and had to call his parents and explain to them that their dog wasnt't dying. He was just stoned off his ass.
  13. that Actually looks like the stoner dog from the memes.
  14. I freekin love labs & have on of each.
    A chocolate, A yellow(like yours) & a Black one.

    I Love your Lab too!! Thanks for the Pic!!!

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  15. haha this reminds me of a time i accidently left about an eighth on the floor and my dog somehow ended up getting to the bag and eating most of it. He's usually a hyper active little dog, but that was one of the only times i've ever seen him just chill out and sit completely still, he was like a zombie dog. it was pretty funny until I had to spend all the next day cleaning up radioactive green shit. Other than that, he was fine and resorted right back to his crackhead like ways the next day
  16. Apollo is the name of my dog also.
  17. Does everyone name their dog Apollo?

    Also, have you ever heard about dogs that kinda look like their owners? Yeah, that's why little Apollo looks baked out his little skull :)

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