My dog got messed up..

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  1. I come home today from a blunt ride with my friends after getting out of my volunteer service work and I see my dog come out as usual, but I see there's something wrong. His tail isn't up like normal and is sorta dangling behind him. Then as he approaches closer, I realize he isn't walking straight and he's far more timid than I have ever seen him when I come home, especially with some guests. I look, and there's a chunk of hair missing near his right ear as well. I then noticed that as he was walking down the stairs, he was stumbling a bit, and seemed pretty out of it. My brother checked out the tail and although it doesn't seem broken, it doesn't seem like my dog can move it really except sorta dangle it and his type of dog (jindo) the tail is supposed to raise and be curled. Also, when people go towards him, he seems to be pretty scared which is very odd of him as he never is. My mother just took him to the vet and called and said that he seemed very frightened to go inside (he seemed to want to run away and my mom needed the vet to get him) which is also very unusual. I really don't know what happened or when, but I hope my doggy is alright.

    Here he is (pics from a while ago, not injured):



  2. wait what happened? your dog was home when you found him like that or was he somehwhere else? man if somebody fucked up my dog id be going back with a baseball bat. hope its okay.
  3. i'm really sorry man, that's a nice looking dog. Animal cruelty really pisses me off.. I hope no one hurt him on purpose.. hope he/she gets better.

  4. I came home and noticed how messed up he was. I could've sworn he was fine yesterday, but I've been gone all day today till around 4.
  5. damn that sucks looks like a real chill, friendly dog....sounds like he was traumatized or something, maybe he was attacked by another dog or some other animal....what did the vet say?
  6. Thats a tight dog dude. I hope he gets better
  7. Phew. Apparently, the vet said it wasn't too serious and that it was most likely a virus that made his back hurt and thus unable to bring his tail up. I guess he was just in a bad condition and was scared when he initially went to the vet. His tail still hasn't gone up normally yet, but he's on some anti biotics and he seems to act a bit more normally, (ie, running around, barking at strangers, but at the moment, he still seems a bit drained). Hm, I still can't really explain the little bit ( around a square .75'' ) of fur missing. Oh, well, I'm relieved by dog is fine. :)
  8. i had a lhasa apso that some dude kicked and said he was hit by a car..i was never able to prove it, but the guy had meth jaw, and didnt look too friendly, plus the dogs like 10 lbs hows he gonna live through a car accident

    that dog looks really nice, got a nice coat to other dog thats a mut had a virus not to long ago, and upon reading what you said, i was gonna say hes just got some sickness...i hope he gets better, i always love big dogs, but both of mine are tiny...
  9. Aww he looks like a really chill doggie, I hope he feels better really soon!

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