My dog drank cannabis MCT oil

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    I made a small batch of cannabis MCT oil (less than 10g of Supper Lemon Haze and about 100ml of MCT oil). I use a small toaster oven and a 200ml beaker. It's late at night and I want to go to bed. Take the stuff out of the toaster oven and put it outside to cool as I get ready for bed. It's 35° outside, and the cement driveway will just suck the heat out of this thing, and I can put it away and go to bed. And I kinda forgot about it (imagine).

    My wife wakes me up later and asks what I had outside because the one dog (11 yo lab mix) just drank some and she picked it up. The dog drank maybe 50ml.

    She barfed during the night, and looked high when I went to work. But when I got home she was totally stoned, in a fetal position. I called and took (had to carry) her into the vet ER. Actually they seemed more amused than fearful for the safety of my dog. They checked her out, gave her a big shot of fluids, and gave her a dose of activated charcoal. They said that dog's can't process it (THC or the MTC oil?) so it will take a few days, and gave us some more activated charcoal. They also said that of all the toxins, THC is the least bad because there are no permanent side effects. And at least this was MCT oil and not chocolate or something butter or a fatty cooking oil.

    She spent the next two days sleeping, then 3 days slowly coming around. Yesterday when she greets me when I got home she had her bear in her mouth, and RAN AALLL AROUND THE BACK YARD WITH HER BEAR! Then after I feed the cats she stands at the back door, "OK, I'm ready for our walk now". And you could tell she really enjoyed that.

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  2. Dogs can process both cannabis oils and MCTs. IMO the info you find on the web saying THC is toxic for dogs is bullshit. The minimum lethal dose of THC for dogs is 3gms per kilogram. If your dog weighs 70lbs that would be about 95gms, or about 95,000mg THC. I don't know how much your dog ate but if he ate the whole 10gms of bud he'd only have eaten about 2,000mg, a whopping big dose but nowhere near life threatening. I hope the ER didn't cost you too much.
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  3. Back in the day, some friends, Pat and Steve had a little 20 lb terrier mix called Prairie Dog. Well, Steve got careless and left a baggie of good Colombian on the coffee table. Prairie got into it and ate most of the ounce! :eek2:

    She fell down a flight of stairs, vomited profusely, whined and whimpered and was miserable for a while but finally fell asleep. Steve was really pissed off - that ounce had cost him a whole $35, but he finally put the blame on himself for leaving it out. :bang:

    Prairie slept through the night and part of the day. When she woke, she was kind of subdued for a day (she was one of those "happy-happy" hyper terriers), but by the day after that, she was back to normal. :jump:

    Make sure your stash, especially those edibles, are safely locked away from kids and pets!

    And have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Granny :wave:
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  4. Perhaps Granny has some insight on this - in order to make cannabis a viable edible we decarb it yet many of the complaints I've seen are pets (or kids) who ingest the raw material. So the claims of lethargy or stupefaction seems at odds with intoxication. Maybe the terminology used in these accounts is incorrect and the physiological changes are misinterpreted.
  5. Not sure why you got so many positive ratings, but that's super irresponsible, please don't have children.

    (He said his dog was throwing up and in the fetal position and y'all voted his post winner and said it wasn't a big deal.) Figured I'd just recap what I read..
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  6. in dried cannabis buds there is some decarbed THC . it's mostly THCa however. some guy posted a vid on youtub about making cannabis juice with leaves and apparently the heat from the fast moving juicer decarbed some of that and he was high for 10 hrs LOL ... in most cases however eating THC-a is basically like CBD

    as mentioned the lethal dose is like 90,000 times the average dose ( 10mg) .. in most all cases the being would choke on the stuff being ingested before a lethal dose could be realized ... I mean the most active compounds in cannabis plant are LIPIDS
  7. Back in the day before I had ever heard of decarbing I ate a couple of heaping tablespoons of powdered raw leaf with honey from a vegging plant and got very high. I don't remember when I first heard of decarbing but I think it was in the 1990s and I'd been getting high by eating the occasional edible for over 20 years by then without ever realizing it wasn't supposed to be working. Maybe the claims of intoxication are true while blanket statements like eating raw bud won't get you high may not be. I'm sure having a low tolerance helps, for both dogs and people.
  8. Yep, you're absolutely right. STUPID! DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! Should not have left it unattended, or at least set a timer on my phone. Or don't do this so close to bedtime. But like I said I wanted to cool it down quickly and it's 35° outside.

    BTW, there's only me and the wife (two dogs and three cats) here. The GRANDchildren are in their 30's and 40s.
  9. I appreciate ya taking responsibility for it.

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