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  1. Love your pet, Let nature be the Vet.

    This is an amazing video i thought i should share, explains how animals are meant to eat RAW foods in their natural state and not stuff in cans that's all the filled junk leftover from factories and slaughter houses and what on.

    Most of her pets live beyond ages 15-20 human years and they just have freedom of nature and eat what they find and she feeds them vegetables and raw foods and lets them live as open and as natural as possible.

    They come from nature, they need nature, anything man-made just like with humans is counter-life.
    Wish i knew all this back then when i had my doggie, Now that i have all this knowledge and information from years of work i realize it could of been the canned food and the toxic tap water that eventually made his tumor grow and cause him to have seizures. Now that i know what they put in the food and that its cooked/steamed/heated and loaded with chems and how even dried dog food are full of chemicals and un-natural things no wonder why he didn't like them.

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