My Dog Died Today

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  1. One of them any way.

    I had two dogs, one of which my dad was particularly fond of. His name was Jordie. Jordie showed up on my dads porch seven years ago and we've been enjoying his company ever since.

    I was cleaning my studio down in my dad's shop when my dad's phone rang. Some girl ran Jordie over at the end of our driveway. She called my dad crying saying she pulled our dog out of the road. When we got to the end of our drive from my dad's shop she had already left. My dad picked him up from the ditch and set him in the bed of the truck and we drove back to the shop.

    His body was twitching and his tongue was hanging from his limp mouth. My dad asked me to feel his chest to check for breathing or a pulse. As I felt Jordie's warm body I noticed that his right leg had been broken. I answered his request by shaking my head. I didn't feel like I could speak.

    After being around him for almost twenty years, today came the first time I've ever seen my father cry.

    We took turns digging Jordie's resting place down by the shop. It was crushing to cover up my pets face with dirt. We plan on planting some sort of flower or tree on his grave.

    Brittany is my other dog. She loved Jordie. She's been whining since it happened. They shared a pen and would cuddle up to each other in a yin-yang fashion. I feel bad that she's going to be alone.

    I don't know what to think. I'm sure he was having fun when he passed.

    I just want my dad to be okay.
  2. that sucks man,
    its one thing for ur dog to die naturally, but getting his life ended like that mustve been a huge shock for u guys.

    sorry for ur loss
  3. The death of a pet is one of the most tragic things people can go through in my opinion. Very sorry that happened. Best wishes to you and your family.
  4. I'm very sorry for your loss. I treat my pets like they are my children and I'm sure your family's the same. Time heals all wounds though, and in time you'll catch yourself smiling as you remember one of the little things that made Jordie so precious and endearing to you. God bless. JBC
  5. I'm so sorry man, reading this makes me sad too :(

    Best thing to do is comfort your other dog, and your father. You may even take Brittany to Jordies grave so she understands.

    I really am sorry man, i know how it feels...
  6. My cat Cooter got out because people don't know how to close the fucking door around here (despite the "CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR!!!" signs on every one). She was in my backyard, a dog from the neighbor behind us somehow got in my yard and mauled her to death. This happened on my birthday, btw. I feel your pain
  7. When I was 11 my dog bear died(bear was his name I did not make a cross-breed of animals) and my family buried the ashes without me.

    Shit I loved that dog. Stay strong, man

    Edit: The thread tag brought a tear to my eye
  8. Thanks a lot for all of the kind words everyone.

    I'm sorry to hear about your losses as well.
  9. i feel u man..dogs are like people sucks man i got teary reading that story..that bitch that hit your dog deserve some fucking karma.even though she didnt mean it....who just dips out like that
  10. Man when I was in the 3rd grade I was waiting outside my house for the bus to come and we had a cat named Mittens cause one of her paws had like 6 toes or something I can't remember but anyways we always let her out of the house cause we live outside of town and stuff. Well as I was waiting for my bus I watched my cat run across the road and get hit by a truck. It was sad very sad but it's just something you have to deal with you know death of a loved one. It sucks.
  11. So sorry for your loss, it's amazing how close we can grow to our animals. One of my cats died by a hit and run a few years ago and it was really hard. I love my dogs and it would be awful if one of them died that way. One of the only times I've seen my father cry is when we had to put down one of our dogs a few years ago.

    Stay strong and remember the good times you had with him.
  12. Sorry for your losses.
    Here's a poem someone sent me when my cat died:

  13. thats a sad story.

    I have no idea what i would do if my dogs died.
  14. Sorry to hear that dude. My next bowl's dedicated to the memory of your dog.
  15. Ive had and lost lot' of pets over the year's cause my mom was a vet and we would take them in And it always suck's when they die. sorry for the loss bro next joint is for him

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