My Dog Died Today :/

Discussion in 'Pets' started by SocoGrow, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. He was a good dog went with me everywhere.

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  2. Sorry bro, Dogs are the best! :(
  3. Yea he was my buddy didn't even get to see him get big. Only 7 months old.
  4. Oh man, I hope you can try again.
  5. That's so sad! My 7 year old dog died last month and I am still crushed. It sucks when they die so young, but your doggie- only 7 months. I'm so sorry.. I'd hug you if I could.

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  6. My cousins dog just had pure pits so I'll be able to get another dog but it's always tough to let one go.

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  7. What happened to him? If you don't mind me asking. At least he had an awesome 7 months. I'm sorry, man. I truly am

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  8. Dang that's a ton of babies! It looks like one is wearing a little pink sweater ^_^

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  9. RIP he was a good looking dog, it's a shame he died young
  10. Im real sorry for your loss bro  :(  I know from experience, losing a dog is very painful... 
  11. Not a clue he was left outside for an hour on a runner he had fresh water and everything I came back and he was collapsed in the yard and couldn't move a few hours later he just stopped breathing.
  12. Sorry bro, next bowl I roast goes to your buddy
  13. I always had to keep my bud jarred if I left it in the Baggie he'd steal it and eat it lol. Idk how many times I came home and found him eating my stash.
  14. Maybe he was born with an issue. You just never know. My dog, clover, was born with kidney disease and we never knew.

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  15. my condolences good sir
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    I lost my dog a while ago. He got nuetured for no reason, and then his eyes would turn red at night and he hated everyone. But in the day time he was awesome. Then my dad tried to pet him when he was in his cage, at night. And you know what happened next, he got bit in his finger. Not really bad, but it was deep and he was bleeding. Then my parents said they gave him away to a farm, but he ran away on the farm. So, it's pretty likely he has died since then.
    These are some vids I put together after I lost him.
    jack russel terrier cross with a black dog of some kind. His father is also his grandpa.
    The dog with pink spots is his mother.
    Very smart and friendly. My mom always ignored him, but a few times he tried to be her friend. He would just sit by her and stare at her and put on a cute face.
    I taught him to play tag with me too. I even taught him about tea (you can't get tagged while on tea) A chair was tea. If I went to the chair, he would just stand by it and wait for me to get off. He would also use the tea, but he wouldn't hog it.
    I still cry when I see the video.
  17. Sorry about your pup. I know how rough that is.
  18. My dog died yesterday after 15 years of being with me everyday. I never loved anyone that much.
    Precious love of pets is a good place to be.

    I was lucky to know to treat her infected eye with epsom salt and am hopeful others will learn of it when they have a wound. Castor oil and aloe also helped.

    I am told we are not a body and we don't die; and i am still working on that one.

    All i can say is:
    Love as much as you can, then everything feels better.

  19. Hang in there friend. I lost my boxer Spike after 8 years....I still miss him...but it does get better.
    I am helping a badly abused shelter dog now that no one wanted or could handle. He is growing into a happy healthy guy, who still has bad moments....but he is pure love.
    Be well, try not to dwell on the sad stuff, remember the silly things they did to cheer you up when you were down....time does heal the hurt, but the good memories always remain. Michael

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  20. WHAT!!? 7 months? that sucks so much bro


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