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My doctors are uptight.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by theVirtuoso, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Well... I can't even begin to explain how many times I have explained (whaa explain explained?!) that I have been self-medicating with marijuana for a hellova long time now, but being in michigan, obviously can't get a script/card (w/e you wanna call it) for MJ.

    Well Iv been in n out of the docs, psycho, and psychia plenty of times...

    Theres something wrong with them, haha... besides the fact they are obviously uneducated and brainwashed on their beliefs with marijuana, they are extremely uptight about meds...

    Either they are on these drug companies payroll, and get a hefty price for prescribing their meds, or they are just covering their asses so they dont get sued over scripting REAL meds (I'm talkin like xanax... fast-acting anxiety meds) but damn... they are uptight to an EXTREME... like someone shoved a billion dollar lawsuit up the docs rectum all the way to his brain.

    When I was having extremely horrendous panic/anxiety attacks to the point where I couldnt even function... it took them THAT took give me.. a .25mg script of xanax... with no refills. And as I realize they have to start with the lowest dose for obvious reasons, they would not only NOT up my dose when I needed it, but they wouldn't even prescribe me more... so I was stuck. Can't say it hasn't brought some good though, because that is when I changed my mentality and started self-medicating with MJ... which has done wonders... what a... divine plant!

    So here I am, down the road... and apparently I have Bipolar disorder (honestly makes sense) so my doc just starts throwing Seroquel at me... after he said he was gonna put me on another SSRI (bleh... fuck SSRIs they caused me nothing but headaches and mania)...

    I don't get it... I don't really know what I'm asking... kinda a few questions.

    How many of you have an uptight doc like that? (It's so weird to me because I'm always reading about how people's docs are tossin all these pretty heavy Rx's)

    How many of you self-medicate with MJ like myself? (For any reason... pain, anxiety, depression, anything...)


    Do you have a Beaumont Doctor? (reference to their commercials obviously)

    and Seroquel is FUCKED... damn I'm drowsy (normal dosage too)

    So this is kinda a rant/questionnare... go ahead blades, give some feedback.
  2. yea man seroquel is hell...i hope your heart maintains its regular beating pattern..but yea for depression and anxiety they just started prescribing whatever left and right before i got fed up with shitty side effects and realized for a long time now i have self medicated for headaches, stomach problems, to help eating (they say anxiety causes lack of appetite), and lastly at night to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. once i got out of western medicines hold and figured myself out for myself i became the happiest ive ever been.
  3. well did you tell your doc that you smoke weed,and consider it self medicating?

    because a doctor will be a lot less willing to perscribe things with potential abuse, to a drug user
  4. If you had all the bud you could ever dream of you'd totally forget about prescription meds.
  5. i have the same problem as you do. But i live in Kansas. So there is no Medical Marijuana. I have bipolar manic depressive. They gave me all these pills and such when i was a kid. Lamactal, saraquel, you name it. I always hated it. To subside the manic depressive they have to put downers in the pills. The effect is like being cracked out for 2 or 3 days and then just crashing for a whole day. Nothing worked for me and it was screwing up my school. I had to find something out there that could help me. So i tried to self medicate with marijuana around my sophmore year in high school. I have never looked back after that. I have been self medicating now for 7 years and it's wonderful. Except when you get caught and you have to be on probation for a year.

    The only problem with doctors today is that they are backed by the highest paid medicine today and they will not resort to the stuff that is illegal in all states. The mantality that it is a illigal drug is rediculous. ITS A PLANT DUMBASSES. Drugs are things you mix together with baking powder and other stuff (i dont know the ingredients but im just sayn) that could cause way more problems then what you started out with. What are the side effects of Marijuana. HUNGRy Happy SLeepy. Wow i love it.

  6. LOL kat williams is awesome. making a PLANT illegal is retarded, but it's a way to make a hell of a lot more money. i seriously think thats the only reason it's still illegal - the fact that there's simply too much money involved in other industries that compete with weed (medical, tobacco, alcohol) that pay off political figures.
  7. If you think all docs are uptight, here's one on the cutting edge who's just been convicted in California. Of growing. For personal use. This is some shit, read a little about this.

    the good news is that the fight goes on everyday to help expand the awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis. Brave martyrs like this good doc are doing everything they can to push the envelope.

    But her and her husband have been drug tested and denied access to cannabis, or marinol, for the past 3 years, despite her being a cancer patient and his chronic condition of pain. As a result, he is now an addict, to Oxycontin, and she is addicted to other opiates, all legal of course. Sad shit.
  8. My doctor told me driving stoned is worse then driving drunk.

    I thought he had a doctorate?
  9. i self medicate with Mj for depression cause the pills they were prescribing me really didnt do it.
  10. i sort of self medicate every once-in-a-while. skateboarding can hurt yesterday...i hate concussions. bong rip time!
  11. MJ has been such a help to me in coping with my anxiety/depression, though sometimes it's a little hard to stop once the symptoms cease...but responsible useage in times of need can be a life-saver.

    haha i hear that to self-medication as a result of skateboarding pain as well.

  12. w0rd!

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