My Doctor Aproved of Moderate Smoking

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  1. So anyway,I have major/clinical depression or what not and regularly see a therapist (he's a dick) and a guy ho prescribes my meds.The good thing about this guy is he's really open,listens and apply s solutions specifically to your problems.:DAlso supposedly so booked because he's popular.

    I was explaining to him that with all the effort I've been putting in forcefully,I really don't notice a difference.We talk about how as of now with "an un-named med),I don't have down thoughts and confidence.My ambition and over all "give-a-fuck-ness" is low.We look into something that doesn't have any bad side effects


    He asks about anxiety and sleeping.I tell him that the (Un-named Benzo) works but obviously my tolerance went up.Out of no where he goes"Have you smoked?" and I just said "U mean ciggerates". He was talking about bud!!,and he said,of course he can't prescribe (Non-Medical State) but that when used properly can promote a healthy sleep cycle but wouldn't rely on it.I was like "Ok thanks for the advise" and of course he said keep my lips sealed.

    I'm very suprised that this very old,accomplished MD with certificates over his wall had the balls to say something like that.I may have faith in the future.:eek:
  2. hell yeah man. thats good to hear. maybe we shouldn't lose faith just yet...
  3. thats awesome man. i dont even mention i smoke weed when i go to the doctor because they treat u completely different when u do ..where im at
  4. Ya,same here man.Especially in a place like North West Massachusetts.I still didn't say I was already a smoker or anything.:smoke:

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