My DMT, LSD, and MDMA trip report (at last)

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    This is taken from my epic weekend thread for those who just want the trip part which I bolded.

    Alright guys here it is, sorry it took so long I'm just having hard times right now lol.

    Anyways here we go, my DMT, LSD, MDMA trip report. I'll bold the actual trip discription parts for those who don't want any story (missing out)

    So it's Friday afternoon at about 5pm I meet up with my bud and pick up 20 dose's. We were in my buddies condo right in the middle of downtown Denver so the plan that night was to dose up, a small dose like one or two and hit the town. We were either going to go to an Amusement park with haunted houses or just hit up some clubs and just enjoy our trip and test out the lucy.

    Me and two other friends end up just taking one each and they kicked in after a good solid hour. These were definitely some of the better tabs I've ever had. I was getting slight visuals and that giggily feeling where just about anything is fucking hilarious.

    Our other friends, a bunch of girls that we also hook up with when were in downtown come over and we start drinking. It kinda sucked because this one tab overrode like 15 drinks. So I wasn't drunk at all and I have this drunk chick who is all over me getting pissed cause I'm in acid mode and not really feeling cuddling and shit.

    Anyways we ended up just chilling and not even going out because it was pretty cold and some fucks got too fucked up and couldn't even go out. Plus we had to prepare for our epic Saturday night...

    Okay now for the good part.

    So it's Saturday day and we all head to Boulder to meet up with my other friends and get ready for the Halloween rave that night. I dressed up as Kanye West with bling and all that. It was pretty good haha. My friend was a demon/angle mix where in regular light he was an angle and in black light a demon. We spray painted his whole body with this glow in the dark spray paint. Pretty trippy when you are fucked up. My other friends dressed as neon clown type things, with glowsticks broken in their fake hair to make it all glowy.

    Now we finally have all our shit together which entailed 20 tabs, 15 pills, 8g's of molly, I have no idea how much DMT (I would guess around a half gram), and a gram of K.

    Anyways we all get ready and have about an hour to kill so my buddy is like "shit do you guys just want to smoke that DMT now?" Now I won't lie I was scared as fuck because the last drug I had that caused me to freak out and trip balls was Salvia 80x out of my bong. Never again btw.

    So we all are kinda like sure... not really sure what to expect. My main worry was that it would be so intense I wouldn't trip the rest of the night from my acid and molly. So I decided to go first since I would rather have my friend who has done it before sober in case I freak out lol.

    He loads up the bowl with this brown stuff that kinda looked like saw dust but darker. I was expecting a pretty fat bowl like with weed but he put in a tiny tiny amount, like a key bump. But he ensured me that amount would fuck me up.

    He goes about showing me how I can't smoke it like weed because I'll burn it so I have to hold the lighter a little farther away and melt it then smoke it. He told me to try and do three hits but he also told me after the second one you are usually gone in another world.

    Here I go.... I start lighting up the DMT and after reading all the shit about it on here I expected to taste one of the worst things ever, no to me it really didn't taste that bad but it did fucking burn like hell to smoke. I in hail and hold it like I would salvia and release. I take another hit and I feel shit just start to get weird... Only way I can describe it.... I remember looking into the kitchen and think fuck I'm already trippin but I need to get more! So I take another hit and hand my buddy the piece and he is like "no, do a third you'll be glad you did". So I take a third and of course I pull the biggest hit from the last. I hand it over and just sit back on the couch and observe what's going on.

    Now my buddy just got a sick new laser here is a video I took with my cell phone.... (Coming once Youtube stops sucking)

    I'm just sitting there thinking "holy shit this is fucking awesome, it's like Salvia but instead of negative it's positive. Almost like some higher entity is holding me telling me everything is okay." I couldn't handle looking at the laser simply because it was boring compared to what was going on in around me physically AND mentally. I didn't really expect DMT to be very mentally since I just hear about the crazy visuals and all but for me at least it was very mental. I closed my eyes and just felt like I was going through light speed. Every molecule I rushed passed took a small piece of me, not like ripping me apart but just enough to save some for everything. So in turn within 5 mins I was apart of everything. I wasn't a physical being and I just saw a bunch of hands, grey in color but very transparent reach down and kinda wiggle it's fingers hinting to me to reach back out and grab what ever it was hand.

    I really could go on and on but it would be useless to try and describe to someone who hasn't done DMT let alone any psychedelics. You just can't. The best way I can sum it up is it isn't scary at all, not overwhelming but actually pretty calming for me at least. I always find I picture drugs that I haven't tried a lot more intense then they actually are. But then again I am a very strong person mentally and I always go all out with everything I try. DMT to me was very calm and insightful, not about me personally but about the world itself as one entity, that being life in general. Man made or natural it didn't matter, it was still all connected together.

    The comedown off DMT is nearly non existent. I felt a little 'dreamy' afterward but I wasn't really mentally beat or physically tired. And I felt like I was back to normal a good 30 mins after smoking.

    Now it's about 7-7:30 and the rave is about an hour and a half drive away so about 20 of us all decided to pitch $20 and rent a party bus. I personally only knew about 5 people on the bus so I wasn't really stoked so I decided to make things interesting by starting my trip a little early. I dose'd up right then and their with 2 tabs.

    We get on the bus I start meeting the rest of the group I don't know who all turned out to be pretty cool and there was some very fine ass girls riding with us. I was stoked for the ride home lol let me tell you. Everyone was also planning to roll which kinda sucked because I wasn't really planning to roll at this rave I was just going to do my acid and see what that was like. That's how I am I always want to try something different.

    So we're on the bus and after about a good 30-45 mins I start to kinda feel my acid come on. I wasn't really in the environment to tell how fucked up I was and I figured since I took some the night before I'll take more tonight since I have a slight tolerance built up. So I take another which puts me at 3 and I take a print of my buddies molly.

    Now judge me all you want but I like to get fucked up and like I previously stated I go all out. So we eventually get to the rave and I'm already on 3 tabs and .1 of molly. I bring 3 more rolls with me (white rolex's, fucking bomb ass shit) and 2 more tabs, all for me lol.

    I walk in and I won't lie the rave was not really bumping, I figured it was because it was still kinda early 9-10 so that's why there weren't a lot of people. So me being me I take another two tabs which puts me at 5.

    11 o'clock rolls around I just instantly feel the acid overpower everything else I took that night. Fractals were appearing everywhere in front of me in such frequency I could barley see or focus on what was real.

    I was tripping harder then I ever have in my entire life... FUCKING BALLS.

    Again I'm trying to keep this as real as possible and I won't lie I was fucking scared. I have never had a bad trip on LSD and didn't really see how you could but I was for sure going down the bad trip road. I was just so overwhelmed with all the shit going on, I couldn't see, I couldn't find my friends, and in turn I was lost in a world full of freaks and loud music. Totally alien to anything I knew.

    The best thing I can relate it to is a high DXM trip where you really can't see shit because so much shit is going on in front of you. Now that and add the mental trip of acid, I was fucking FUCKED up. So fucked up I just decided to sit down all alone by myself in this pretty big smoking section.

    I don't know how many other people here have just taken massive amounts of acid at a rave but no one there can really relate to you, at least the people rolling. A lot of people were asking me if I was alright since you know, they are all lovey-dovey and just want to talk.

    Well me I was in straight acid mode lol. I was on anther world haha. I talked to a couple people but it was very hard for me to communicate lol. Best way to describe it is just acid mode. Instead of wanting to dance and connect with others I preferred being alone and just observing what was going on. I had enough going on in my head then to be able to contemplate that and have a decent conversation with someone else, was just impossible.

    I wasn't being completely anti-social it just wasn't fun to dance with anyone else because they didn't "flow" with me. So I just danced alone all crazy and shit, just like those people you see that are way to fucked up at a show dancing alone flowing to anything and everything. Yea I was one of them lol.

    I eventually stopped tripping so hard where I could walk around and find the people I knew and the night got better as it was ending at 4am. It kinda sucked because acid being acid you're never ready to stop. While everyone else who was rolling was coming down going to sleep I sat and thought about shit in my life and what I need to get together. I won't go into details because they were all pretty personal thoughts but yea, I had a very insightful bad trip that to me was positive. Kinda like a parent telling you what you need to get done like chores. I didn't want to hear it but it was a necessity.

    I'm gunna end this here because nothing else really worth while happened to write about to you guys but this seems kinda jumbled up to me since I honestly don't know what happened. I was definitely the most fucked up I've ever been in my life lol. So if something doesn't make sense or you want more detail let me know...

    If you're reading this right away looking for the video I have to go charge my phone real quick and I'll be putting it on, so sit tight and check back in 15/20 mins.

    Peace and love all.
  2. Nice I'm excited to see u very ripped lol i never tried any of that shit u said and i'm pretty brain dead as is so holy shit i hope ur kk.
  3. Man! I really want to smoke some DMT.
  4. I had a similar experience with LSD and a concert. I went there with a bunch of friends who were rolling and I took 5 hits. Soon as we walked in I knew I was going to have to chill alone and sit and enjoy the amazing visuals. I couldn't hear the music and could hardly tell if they were playing at all. I tried following my friends through a crowd but it was impossible to keep up, everyone started to look the sameish and there was too much going on to keep up. Sounds weird but I sometimes couldn't tell if people were dancing or standing still.
  5. Yea it was pretty crazy haha. Almost too much for me to handle, which was a good thing because it'll keep me in check.
  6. Yea exactly. I would look at someone and I couldn't tell if it was their face or the back of their head. So instead of frustrating myself I just sat down and chilled out lol.

  7. When ever I peak, I notice when I get Into the mental loop, I Just start saying which I guess out loud is " wait........... ahahah what?" about something I whould think about. For example, I have one asain freind, and he showed up, and for him being asain, he always acts like hes tought, which he doesnt have to, but he does it to fit in I guess, and I was like in my head, This kid is a siamese fighter fish.
    Idk acid is crazy, its exactly what you think it is, but at the same time, nothing what you expect.

    To explain what tripping was like, Its kind of like waking up on certain days and feeling diffrent, somedays you wake up you feel tottaly diffrent then others. Imagine this expcept every few minutes or bascially after every thought, you whould feel tottaly diffrent.

    Idk if I make any sence, im withdrawing from Opana, trying to quite opitates for some time, So i am soo cracked out right now.
  8. i took cid for the first time this weekend and holllly shit is all i gotta say
  9. Haha yea, I would consider myself fairly experienced with LSD. I've tripped about 10 times with it and this is my first experience with it in a negative light. Don't get me wrong I had a blast but it was pretty intense.

    The DMT however was awesome and very comforting. The intenseness was translated to me as just the unknown and I shouldn't even try to understand because I won't haha.

    Videos are up too...
    [ame=""]YouTube - More Lasers[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Coolest Laser ever[/ame]
  10. Very cool story man, glad to hear that your trip (at the rave) turned out to be beneficial, even though it'd technically be labeled as a "bad" trip. I've got a friend that uses LSD to help him sort through his thoughts on life and the like, and he has told me multiple times that the so called "bad" trips provide the most valuable insight to you, and honestly he seems to be the most down to earth person I know when it comes to how he views life and his existence, so I take his advice to heart.

    Which rave did you go to? I'd like to look it up and see what kind of a crazy environment you were in for all this. I know raves are almost all essentially the same, but some minor differences in what's going on at each one can provide a little more insight to the environment there IMO.
  11. that laser thing is fuckin crazy perfect for trippin/rollin

    where did he get it?
  12. yah i would also know how much that laser is and maybe some info if you can get it (who makes it, price, model...ect.)
  13. god damn 3 great drugs
  14. Yea that's how I am also. I view bad trips as a good thing because I learn from them. I went to HallowFreak'nWeen. It was pretty sick I was just way to fucked up haha. Here is a website they made. Hallow Freakn' Ween Saturday October 24th 2009

    I'm not sure where he got it but next time I see him I'll ask the model and stuff. I know it was around $800 though, pretty steep if you ask me but well worth it if you didn't pay for it lol.

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