My DIY inline carbon filter

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    3" PVC cleanout tee.  $4
    Screw cap.  $2
    End plugs.  $2
    Aquarium filter carbon.  $5 for 3 pounds.
    Drilled holes in the end plugs.  Scotch Brite pads used as "pre-filter".  End plugs fit snugly inside ends of cleanout tee.  Will use a small stainless screw to hold end caps in.  4" dryer vent hose fits snuggly over ends of tee.  3 Pounds of carbon is more than enough to fill.  Screw cap with get an eye screw for easy hanging.
    View attachment 132604
    Will be easy to refill.  Let me know what you think.

  2. Looks good to me. I'd like to see it installed though to see the logistics of it. Post another pic when you get it up and running.
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    It should get hung some time this week.
    It's pretty self explanatory.  Capped tube filled with activated carbon with holes for airflow in the ends.
  4. You're probably gonna need a beast of a fan to pull air through 3 pounds of carbon... I think.

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