My dilema with god and church

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by hotboxbrent, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. When I was younger I always went to church and Sunday School because my parents made me. I never liked it really, it never made me feel good for going, I barely had fun with the youth group, and I felt like I never got anything out of it.

    After smoking weed for years and not having gone to church in at least as long, my parents sometimes ask me to go to church, I guess it is when they feel they NEED to go. I feel first of all that the bible is just a bunch of writing. I haven\'t read all of it but I get nothing out of it. When I think about if there was a god, I\'m not so sure that if he is such a good guy that he would want people to go \"worship\" him. I\'m not so into worshiping someone I\'ve never seen,felt,heard anything from. The people at church I look at them and see people who I think are phonies, I look at them and I don\'t think they are really so into all of this church crap as they act like.

    So I\'m 17 years old, hate the idea of church, and I\'m not sure whether or not I believe in a god. Just looking for any guidance or anyone who has the same thoughts as I.

    edit: more to add
    I also don\'t understand why people have to have a religion that is going to separate them from other religions. I dont think that in the big picture religion unites people at all, it really divides them especially over in the middle east. Why can\'t it be ok for people to just believe what or what not they want to and live their lives without judgment on religious practice
  2. Holy shit!!! I was just thinking about the same stuff.
    Here\'s a this movie. it explains alot about religion.
    After watching it everything went haywire for me. I was already unsure of Christianity, but this made me think that people have to be told, since I had never seen all of the proof against chritianity.
  3. Come back when you\'re 18 :wave:
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