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    I sometimes have a great sense of inspiration and fantasy when I'm slightly high, but I've always been too lazy to something about it, untill recently.

    These two images were mainly inspired by my imagination and thoughts while being slightly high. I think it's a wonderful way of exploring new things you wouldn't normally have thought of.

    So in combination with a little cannabis and some nice relaxing music, I made these two images.

    I hope you guys like these images, and feel free to give criticism, your thoughts do count.

    (click on images to enlarge)

    - It was made using Apophysis, a fractal-software.

    Last Destination
    - Made with E-on Vue which is one of my greatest hobbies.

    - Made using mandelbulber

    Horseshoe Bend
    - Made with E-on Vue

    Abstract Spikes
    - Made with Photoshop
  2. The horseshoe bend just blew my mind. That's awesome man, keep up the beautiful work.

    btw did you start on that from scratch or how did the process go? Like do you have objects of these and you just paste them wherever on a template?
  3. I'm usually not that big of a fan of digital art. But I really like yours. I want a print of last destination, it's really cool, has to be my favorite.

  4. - Thank you Deck :) Uhm, well I have posted a video on youtube explaining a little bit about how I import realistic terrains into my project:
    [ame=]How To Import Realistic Terrains Into Vue - YouTube[/ame]

    Making terrains is like sculpting with clay as you did back in art classes in school :) I have a different video showing how I make an image and the terrain:
    [ame=]E-on Vue - Lake, Speedup - YouTube[/ame]

    - Thank you very much, it's also one of my own favorites actually, I had lots of fun making it. If you are a Vue user yourself, then I provide pretty much all my sourcefiles for free :)
  5. good work man. yea, i fucking love that horseshoe bend, and i thought the last destination was pretty cool looking.

    i wish i had some artistic abilities. creating those images sounds fun
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    Thanks buddy!:) You know, it's not all that difficult to learn. You don't need a creative mind to create landscape images, nor do you need a crazy imagination. If you find a photo or a location you like - THAT is your inspiration, you simply copy the photograph and make it as 3D :)

    Here's some other images:



  7. Beautiful! :)

    The second one reminds me of muscle tissue.

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