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my diet sucks

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by b to the lunt, May 30, 2010.

  1. id really like some help with getting my diet together. i dont have any goals for weight training (im into parkour so its a whole other ball game for working out wise).

    currently i survive on wawa hoagies and frozen chicken (like popcorn style and bullshit) frozen pizzas, and some frozen fish. you know just bullshit local grocery store crap.

    i just want to eat healthy for cheap and not get shit thats full of fat, hormones and bullshit.

    whats a few good meals i can put together and survive and thrive on? im also considering trying foraging from nature within my local community, berries and roots, other things of that nature.

    i just want to get as close to a diet as possible that resembles what my ancestors ate for the millions of years it took us to evolve. i really am not sure how to explain what i want, so ill try to make a short list of what i want.

    1. lean meats that are not full of steroids and disgusting hormones (if its possible)

    2. vegetables and fruits and different ideas on how to use them to their fullest.

    3. meals that dont take forever to put together and maybe an option of raw meals with enough of the central shit my body needs.

    i really dont know i guess, im just sick of eating food that i know is horrible for me. i want to put good things into my body, but im having a bit of a tough time really getting things layed out in my mind.

    if anyone could be of any help that would be awesome.
  2. Here are two very cheap things that fucking rock in terms of filling you up and being nutritious: -Kidney beans -Steel Cut Oats
  3. teach yourself to cook.

    I love to get high and put together a good meal. It's fun because you get to satisfy your munchies with the creativity that weed gives you by crafting a masterpiece.

    Watch the food network and learn to cook.

    Key things:

    fresh ingredients = good taste.
    good food can be very simple and easy.

    Be inventive and combine flavors you like and think will go well together.

    If you need it to be real cheap, like the other guy said, pintos are a good option. Get the dry kind, not canned beans.

    If you have a crock pot, you can make good food real cheap and really easily.

    A crock pot allows you to take less tender (cheaper) cuts of meat and cook it for a longer time, producing a tender, flavorful end product. It takes a lot of time but it will make your house smell great.

    It really is as simple as turning it on, cutting stuff up, throwing it in, and letting it cook a few hours. You can put a pot of beans or a pot roast with carrots and potatoes or a big pot of soup on in the morning, do everything you need to do that day, and when its dinner time it will be ready. No really tending to it, just an occasional stir every few hours.

    If you NEED it to be real quick, try some salads. This is a great way to pack lots of raw veggies into your diet.

    dont get bagged salad mix. The less lettuce you use, the better. Iceberg lettuce has no nutrients, it is merely a large surface area to soak up a lot of ranch dressing. I suggest going with a light dressing of some sort and adding cheese in for a more savory salad.

    Try some mixed greens or spinach with fresh cut button mushrooms, green pepper, carrots, red onion, feta cheese, and some italian dressing.

    Wish i could help more but your post was so broad that i dont know what sort of easy, flavorful dishes to suggest.

    what do you like?
  4. If you like avocados try making some guacamole. It is one of the easiest things that i love to make often.

    avocados are REALLY good for you. They have tons of good healthy oils and fats your body needs.

    -2 ripe avocados
    -1/4 cup red onion finely diced (maybe less, just add whatever amount you think looks good. you can ALWAYS add more, but you cant take any out)
    -1 clove of fresh garlic, smashed and minced
    -Juice of 1 lime
    -salt to taste (about a teaspoon, or a good pinch)

    -1 jalepeno finely diced. I take the seeds out, but if you really want it spicy you can leave them in.
    -1-2 tablespoons of salsa, if you have it
    -finely diced peppers (green, red, yellow, whatever you have and whatever you like) i wouldnt add too much, a small handful, or like 2-3 tablespoons of it diced up really fine.
    -a dollop of sour cream (if you add a lot or peppers or onions and want to make it a bit creamier)

    remember, the avocado is the star... sometimes simpler is better!

    1. half the avocados lengthwise, hotdog style, vertical, whatever. Run the knife around the big seed in the middle. twist and pull apart. For the half with the seed in it, put a washcloth in your hand for protection, and hold the avacado in the palm of your hand. With the knife in the other, act like you are trying to crack that seed open, with enough force to get the knife stuck into the seed. Then you can turn the knife and the seed will pop right out,

    2. With the skin still attached, run your knife both ways across the flesh, but not through the skin. then you can easily push the flesh out into a bowl. If you want you can just scoop it out with a spoon. Then take a fork or potato masher and mash the avocado to a smooth consistency.

    3. squeeze lime juice onto the avocado and stir. If you wait a long time to get the lime juice in your nice green avocado will turn brown.

    4. add in all of your finely cut vegetables and stir it up. season it with a little black pepper and a pinch of salt.

    5. scoop it up with a tortilla chip and enjoy. Or smear it on a chicken sandwich or a burger.

    It will taste rich and fatty and delicious, but in reality its just a bunch of vitamin packed, nutrient rich, raw vegetables.

    It's not the cheapest thing to make, but it isnt expensive by any means, and it only takes a matter of minutes from start to finish.
  5. I tend to stick to only buying veggies that I know I'm going to use in a lot of different dishes, because a lot of times they tend to go old before I can use them. :p

    I use a lot of chicken. Bone-in is cheaper, you can take a breast and throw it in a crock pot with a couple cans of cream of chicken soup and some veggies. Like Stoopid Toker said, it takes a while to cook but requires pretty much no maintenance. Like one of those lame infomercials says... "set it and forget it!" ;)

    I buy a lot of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, garlic, and cheese, because I use them in damned near everything.

    Some easy meals I've made recently:

    Cook up some chicken in a pan with ingredients of your choosing. You can bread it with flour, egg, and crushed saltines for a nice breaded chicken.
    Cook it in some white wine, garlic, and pineapple juice for a nice garlic pineapple chicken.
    Or even just bake it with a little seasoning and some thyme or something.

    Cut it into strips and throw it in a tortilla with some chopped onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese (maybe some ranch or mustard or something if you'd like) and you'll have yourself a damned tasty chicken wrap.
    If you're too lazy to make a tortilla wrap out of it, the chicken is plenty good on it's own.

    I like to cook spaghetti a lot, it's an easy and tasty 15 minute meal. Add some meatballs or chicken for an extra kick. ;)

    Chicken quesadillas are super easy. Cut the chicken into little pieces and cook it up real quick in a pan with some herbs and maybe some hot sauce or something, throw it on a tortilla with some cheese. Good to go! :smoking:

    I don't know if any of this stuff is as healthy as what you're looking for, but I figure just eating plenty of fresh veggies and fresh meat is still a lot healthier than eating the frozen stuff. :p
  6. thanks for the quick input, i left my post vague because im not going to eat for taste anymore.

    im starting to find this whole eat for pleasure thing quite annoying, completely defeats the purpose of nourishing my body. i just want to spend as little as possible with nothing extravagant. im not looking for flavor packed foods, just food thats good for me and isnt a pain in the fucking dick to prepare.

    im talking as simple as boiled chicken and broccoli. just more variety with what i should be putting in my body is helpful. im not really sure what foods i should actually be eating, ive been trained so wrong since birth so im really stuck in a rut with this one.
  7. everyone above is correct

    get fresh stuff

    lean meats:
    chicken breasts (skinless)
    wings, legs, thighs (skinless)
    [skinless is if you're super hardcore]
    lean beef (idk, i usally just grab the least fatty filet mignon and grill it)

    seafood is amazing for you, and it tastes great when it's fresh.
    salmon: pure protein, omega 3's, but high in metals, farm and fresh.
    oysters: mad good, and if you get it from a good market, you can just eat them raw.
    lobsters, crab, etc. this is probably gonna run up your shopping bill though :p.
    really any kind of fish is great too, as long as it's fresh.
    i prefer just grilling my fish, but you can boil it and make an awesome stew too. (throw in some potatoes, carrots, celery)

    OATMEAL: its so dericious.
    rice: i'm asian, come on. and brown rice is good for you ^^
    pastas: you can make really great spaghetti with pre-made sauce and some ground beef. just boil the sauce, bring it to a simmer. in another pot, boil water, put spaghetti in, cook it. take out a pan, cook the beef a little bit, then throw it in the sauce pot. and then put all 3 in the pot and toss it.
    wow that's weird i just wrote that out for no reason lol
    potatoes: baked, cut into little slices and fried, mashed, etc.
    cereal: self-explanatory. but not the commercial ones (cocoa puffs, etc.). kashi go lean tastes awesome.

    eggs (leave some yolk): eggs are my fav cuz i pretty much make WHATEVER i want and put it into the eggs for a bangin' omelette.
    olive oil and bread: dope
    milk: yepp yepp.


    i know how you feel. i used to eat like crap, but then i took up bbuilding a few years back and then i started to really watch what i ate.

    it's not even a matter of thinking anymore, my body just prefers healthy food.
    well.. except after i toke.. cuz then everything tastes good :D.

    but normally, i would just pick the plain chicken breast over a fried drumstick covered in gravy because i'm just used to eating healthy.

    it's more of a learned thing, just go back to the basics and eat food that has not been tampered with. (not pre-made, just hit the veggie section, chill with the butcher (not really, just ask him what's good and pick the non-artery clogging piece), go to the seafood section, etc).

    for most of my meals, i usually just make my grain (rice or pasta). grill the lean meat, or make the omelette (just throw some oil in the pan, cook it, and then put a sauce on it.)

    hope that helped!
    protein shakes really help curb hunger and get your body going, esp for parkour.
    and protein won't make you massive. if you wanna get massive you have to lift A LOT. so don't worry about that. i think if you take some supps (vitamins, protein, maybe creatine if you want), your parkouring and stunt training will go by a lot quicker.
    buut that's all up to you!
  8. Great advice from everyone else thus far!

    One thing that should be mentioned however, which you can buy in bulk on the cheap, is Quinoa, a highly protein rich grain that provides a very balanced composium of Amino Acids. It's just a very complete food and can be used for so many different things.
  9. Some of the best stuff for you is also the cheapest.
    1. Dried beans, rice, lentils, oats, and legumes. If you don't want to prepare these, you can find some of them in canned form.
    2. Fruit Juices: You can get them in the frozen section for pretty cheap, and some are good quality. If you want to splurge, try for something like V8 or V8 splash.
    3. Dried fruit. It's not as good as fresh fruit, and is higher in sugar and calories, but it's still fruit. Raisins are a great cheap source of fruit.
    4. Eggs: Cheap, easy, and a good source of protein and fat.
    5. Yogurt: you can find this for pretty cheap, in a variety of flavors. It's almost a perfect food, with carbs, protein, and fats. Try the Greek style, it's my favorite.
    6. Frozen veggies: edamame (soy beans), broccoli, mixed veggies... very cheap, easy to make, and good for you.
    7. Turkey and Chicken: sub these for ground beef.
    8. Milk: If you buy the powdered stuff, this is a very cheap source of protein.
    You could also cook the food in advance, freeze it in portions, and reheat as needed. Or invest in a slowcooker.
    In general, eating healthy may take a bit longer to prepare, but you'll feel much better.
    P.S.: A great way to save money is to cut out fast food, prepared foods, and soda. The healthier options will save you money.
    Also, if you can, buy at farmer's markets or buy local. It can save money, and it's sometimes healthier.
  10. Eat AS MUCH fresh food as you like. That means nothing with a bar code or fancy packaging: fresh fruit, berries, veggies, nuts, seeds, oats and whole grains. You'll feel amazing.
    I actually eat mostly ONLY these foods, all in raw form, and it has done nothing but good for my stamina, health, stomach problems, among other things. Try it out, thats all i can recommend for ya.
  11. Why settle to eat totally for nourishment and not for taste at all?

    You can have healthy food that tastes great too. You have taste buds for a reason.

    If you want to be as healthy as possible, eat as much raw veggies and fruits as possible.

    I've read a lot recently on trying to maintain an alkaline diet, and all the proven and suspected benefits of it. Most people are unaware of this entirely, i know i was until a few months ago.

    Check these out:

    Health News/80-20 Food Theory for healthy Living
    List of Alkaline Foods <----this link has a helpful chart too

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