My dick getting tugged a tad too hard

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  1. So I'm sitting on my bed , with no pants .

    This girl just left my house . This was the first time we have hung out , so things were getting pretty frisky . I had just been fingering her . And she reached down and whipped my dick out . She gave me a lil hand and it felt alright but I feel like she had a damn death grip on my little buddy .

    I usually either beat it In the shower or with some lotion . So I guess my dick wasn't prepared for this intense tug job .

    Cause now my head is pretty red and looks a little irritated , like she scrapped some skin off . My piss hole is also real red . It hurts to wear pants .

    The gold bong feels good on my thigh .

    Does this shit ever happen to you blades ? Any advice , precautions , experiences ?

    Next time I'm telling her she needs to open that mouth .

  2. So unnecessary!
  3. i wish i never visited this thread, i feel i know TOO much about you.
  4. When jacking.. Why do people touch the head of the penis?
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  6. Well first my penis is way bigger than my hand so when I go to jack, I'm no wear near the head. I just jack the base really.. Never really grabbed my head before.
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  8. ye the head has like mad nerves lol

    OP you shoulda told her to put it in her mouth

    thats what i always say "put it in your mouth" loooool it works
  9. If it hurts stop the girl, stand up for yourself man. You just gonna sit idly by when your little man is getting thrashed?
  10. Next time get her the lotion.
  11. Haha I was way too high when I made this thread .

    Next time I'll have the lotion on hand . No pun intended .

    Or just put it in her mouth .

    And it felt good while she was doing it , just a little after burn .
  12. Lmao, your post struck me as funny for some reason. Don't worry dudes, this has happened PLENTY of times to me. Sometimes my girl thinks speed is the key to the greatest pleasure but whenever you see smoke, I'm probably not enjoying it. When you're getting a HJ, lube or spit is the way to go but I understand your pain and it hurts like hell a day or so later when it will scab. Next time, whoever it is, tell them to go gentle on your little-fella, he doesn't like any noogies either. Or just stick it in her mouth.:cool:
  13. Some crazy bitch in a psych ward tried to bite my dick tip off once, I know how you feel op
  14. Luckily your buddy made it outta that war zone.

  15. I'm intrigued...
  16. This girl is super sweet and hasn't been with many guys .

    I felt like if I would have told her to loosen up her grip she would have taken it personally and thought she was doing it wrong and got embarrassed and upset .

    Plus , it would have totally ruined the mood .
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  18. So what ? Am I supposed to go grab some lotion ? Tell her to spit on her hands ?

    I feel like that would be pretty awkward ..
  19. Lol yeah you gotta let her know she's got a fucking death grip. Its not a baseball bat or some grip I meter Haha.

    The worst is teeth during a blowjob :mad:

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