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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by JanesMan, May 30, 2009.

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    Hey GC,

    After a year of research, I finally had the time to build my grow box. I still have a few things to do, but I can start growing. check out some pics and tell me what you think.

    I was going for the clean and neat look. All hardware and wires are hidden below cab (fan power, light powerr supply, timers, plug, etc)

    I already know how I will light proof fans, but I would appreciate ideas to light proof doors. A Carbon filter design is in the works, but I'll build that later on when I really need it.:smoke:

    OH YEAH for you light lovers, You'll see in the pic three more boxes of bulbs, I plan to add more light, just thinking on a perfect design
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    Hey man, thats pretty nice. You have something for internal air circulaton?

    You can get that adhesive back silicone stripping to run around the doors. Just make sure you have a latch the will hold when you compress the seal. If the doors sit recessed into the fram you may have to put a piece of trim around on the inside of the cabinet where the door would rest against.

    Also, what's the height on that thing?
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    Thx for the reply. Yeah the fan on the lower right hand is the intake, the bigger fan on top is exhaust and will have a filter attached to it. they have 3 speeds so I can control them. I might go with trim piece inside for doors. I will use the little red desk fan u see in pick temporaily until plant is big enough for a pot then going to use small clipon fans. The cab is 31 inches high I plan to use for dwarf auto plants. If it goes well I will build big wardobe for flowering and use this for clones and seedlings. it's my first build and I enjoyed building it, I might have found a new hobby (carpentry)

  4. What is the stripping called? It has a small magnetic latch, but i dont think the magentic pull is strong enough if I add trim the doors. I also have some mylar left over, should i use anywhere? I added it to the top to reflect the light down.
  5. It's called silicone weather seal. You can get it home depot. They have all kinds of weather stripping, I am sure you can find something cheap and effective to fit your needs. As for the mylar, that matte white has good reflective qualities. I use mylar everywhere because of my low wattage.
  6. Thx bro, I honestly didnt think about the stripping been beating my head trying to figure what to do, thx I hit u up with some rep LOL :D
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    the mylar is so smooth i thought it was a mirror
    looks really good man.
    the cups are clear, i have also heard that light can mess up your roots. (even if this one isn't true i would switch to red cups. they are bigger and why risk it?)
  8. THX Bro

    Yeah its self adhesive mylar, It was the only place that was unfinished (not white)

    So I thought it was a good idea to cover it instead of painting white it also helps a great deal to reflect light down, If you notice I used some for the power strip. LOL those cups were for show.
  9. Hey -

    For your intake.. you don't actually need the fan at the bottom. By pulling the air out the top, you're creating a vacuum effect and air is already being sucked in and a fan is just an obstacle. You may want to consider removing it.

    And you should be able to solve light-proofing issues with some kind of weather stripping.

    But it's a nice cabinet, did you start with something else or build from scratch?
  10. thx for the advice but I'll keep both my fans, I dont just want dead air sucked out I also want fresh air to come in. another thing is once the plants get bigger that fan will provide cool fresh air to my plants the exhaust on top will be used for odor and stagnant air elimination once I add a carbon filter to it. :D

    If you check out my first post you'll see what i started with:smoking:
  11. meh, you may want to consider the other guys advice about the intake fan.

    your exhaust fan will pull the fresh air coming in through your intake as long as your cab is sealed (which it is) and that intake fan (could) just be an obstacle.

    either way, nice cab for sure. it will make a nice clone/seedling cab once you get that flower room going.
  12. yea man, I agree with these guys. If you want it to be effective at least step it up so it pushes the same or more cfm then the exhaust fan.
  13. I just dont Understand,

    they said to remove my intake fan, but you can just change the speed to go faster then the exhaust one?
  14. LOL

    Ok sorry guys, a little baked and sleepy

    OHHHHHHH I see what you guys are saying!

    Yeah it does makes sense, but can i just increase speed? Would that work better then just having a whole for intake. I will be hiding the cab under my desk for more stealth Im not sure there will be alot of air flow down there.
  15. FOr the light escaping from the reveal in the where the two doors come together, you might want to make an astrical, out of something simple like wood, or some hardplastic if u want and just use some short screws and put it on the edge of the door, that would fully cover that reveal, and than u can paint it white if you want to reflect just a little bit more light, and on the other edge of hte astrical u can put some mroe weatherstripping to fully seal it, this should also help with air escaping, and smell issues.
  16. Love your design I have the same Cabby and am doing a LED panel because of the dimensions. I am goin to follow your grow to see how it comes out. Hope everything goes well :wave:
  17. yea man thats one badass box glad you could make it and share it with us.
    gives us up and comers some ideas and stuff.

    good luck in the future
  18. yea man, good luck with this grow. i myself am doing a cfl grow atm
    i am running 8 26 watt cfls 6 are 6500k and the other are . . . err . . soft white (forgot)
    i have them connected via y splitters and converters plugged into a power strip. :) but nice job man, THAT SHIT LOOKS PRO:hello:
  19. Pics removed?

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