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    This thread is going to be, not about afterlives or souls or spirits. This thread is going to be about those we leave behinds after we die, and those ideas and material possessions we leave.

    Let's start with a focal point; "My Death Video" by a guy named Dave. You don't need to know Dave to appreciate and admire the contents of this video. I ask you kindly to watch through this video in it's entirety. It's worth your while.

    [ame=]My Death Video (Not a comedy) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. He says he died twice, and as he experienced nothing during those moments he concludes there must be nothing to see. The fact that he's able to tell us this means, surprise surprise, he never actually died, not even once! To decide something from this, then allow what he thinks from that point on to be coloured by this, is a little silly.
  3. Interesting that through all he said about life and pain and loss and gain, that's what you picked out of it. Maybe that's very telling about your approach and attitude towards death ;)

    Definitions of death vary significantly, even withing the world of professional medicine, so it's tricky to say one way or the either. Knowing Dave; he was clinically dead on an operating table, without a pulse for several minutes during open heart surgery. Take that as you will for the anecdote it is, but know in the experience of death, you are not guaranteed to have an NDE.

    Like I said, though, that's not really what I want this thread to be about. For the sake of this thread, let's pretend he said "Oh lordy, I saw Jesus!"
  4. To be honest I stopped watching soon after he talked about this so I can't comment any further. It felt like a last will & testament to his family and wasn't something I wanted to share with him.

    What do you want this thread to be about exactly?
  5. if someone is still here then they did not die....the soul does not leave the body until the true hour of ones demise....
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    Well, if you actually take the time to read the several short lines of text in my original post, you will note that I said...

    "This thread is going to be, not about afterlives or souls or spirits. This thread is going to be about those we leave behinds after we die, and those ideas and material possessions we leave."

    I can elaborate if you wish.

    Any evidence to back that up, or just your culturally-nurtured belief system? Not that I mean to question you, just that it was tossed out as if it were a factual statement.

  7. it does seam that some days the reading comprehension of some of our posters goes really low.....
    that or they just dont read/selectively read.....

    i sat down and wrote letters to each of my kids before brain surgery....
    i still have them.....
  8. I found it pretty ironic that I watched this last night, and then today my neighbor who was only 19 years old died from brain damage. He fell off a 3 story roof at work and was in a coma, but then died, so it was basically all of the above of what that guy was talking about.

  9. No need my friend, and thank you for setting me straight on how to read posts. Sometimes I just don't read things well - I suppose it depends on where I am at the time, but if I'm not as still as I should be, I can go through something without always seeing everything it contains.
  10. Dave is the man. The coolest part of the video was the way he said he wanted to be buried. I always thought it would be cool to be cremated because of the idea of dust to dust. But his idea of being eaten is ingenious because just like him I have used other life forms as nutrients. Why not truly give yourself back to nature and create more life through death?

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