My dealers run a card free club.

Discussion in 'General' started by cstekk, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. They have at anytime around 30 or so strains of bud, seperated by indica and sativa and placed in different catagories from $10 to $20 a gram. They also have oil, hash, and wax ranging from $10 to $45, edibles, oil cartridges, all sorts of different glass, vapes, etc, and a delivery service. Pretty much everything you'd see in a dispensary.

    So my question is does anyone else have a dealer like this? Because I've never been able to find another as good as them. Hell they even have a free tshirt give away right now to anyone who can show them bud that's nicer than their top shelf.
  2. naw sounds dope though
  3. do they have a place you can go to or do they roll around with their product?
  4. sounds real nice, but he is probably gonna get popped, sounds like he isn't keeping a real low profile
  5. Damn, now that's a connect lol.
  6. Pics of said pics and bud?

    Hehe I mean tshirt and weed
  7. No shit, he may as well put up a billboard. Don't get me wrong, it sounds awesome while it lasts though.
  8. Yeah they have a house, I've heard that they have more than one from someone but idk if its true

    I've been buying off him for 6 months and from what I understand he's been around for quite a while. And he keeps a somewhat low profile, only allowed to bring one person with you at a time, has an alleyway in the back you come through so the neighbors don't see people coming in and out, changes his phone number frequently enough, along with other precautions.

    No picture of either, just got a text yesterday announcing their new products but haven't been in for like a week.
  9. Outrageous. If its for their only close friends (which it doesn't sound like) would be legit cause they'd stick around and stay low-key... But sounds like they're running a public business, that's days away from getting raided...
  10. I've been buying off him for 6 months and from what I understand he's been doing this for several years, he's really strict about bringing new people and what not, the only reason I found him was because my old dealer moved away and gave his number to his people

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