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My dealer's dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Munchy99, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I'm relatively new to smoking and I only have one friend who is a reliable dealer. I've bought from him maybe four or five times since I've started smoking. This kid was in my math class last year but I didn't start smoking until the summer. So we are kinda friends, but more of acquaintances.

    Recently, he has been telling me about his dealer that lives in Downtown (45mins away from our suburb area.. my buddy is pretty much a middle man). And next time he picks up, he wants me to come with him to his dealer's place. I'm kinda hesitant about it, because I don't even know this kid very well lol, and he also said I could take hits from his 3ft bong.. I've never smoked out of a bong before (only pipes) and I don't want to act like a novice and look like a dumbass (I'll never live it down)..

    I'm kinda sketched out about going to his dealer's place, any words of advice to sooth my discomfort? :/ I feel so dumb being nervous about this haha.
  2. How old are you might i ask?
  3. 18 years old.
  4. go to his dealers place, theres nothing to worry about. seems like a fun time to me, and you can use him as a secondary dealer in case your main one wont come through, the more connects the better
  5. It's alright this is pretty much the same way everyone starts, gotta happen sometime.

    Go with him you'll get a better deal and free weed.

    You'll get to hit a 3 footer and probably cough but that's all good, just means your gonna be ripped.

    Don't worry just chill
  6. dont take all your cash!


    i dont want u comin back here sayin

    "i was about to buy an ounce.. brought $200.. blah blah.. got jacked.. help!"

    maybe just enough for an 8th.

    jsut to see how the dude is nd wut not.
  7. No offense but does it matter?

    He just asked a simple question. I say just go ahead, nothing to be sketch about. Just tell them you never hit a bong before since you smoke joints and hit the pipe. They'll understand and likely teach you how to hit it.
  8. Ehh don't trip if your friend is a nice kid then there's nothing to be worried about. People understand noob smokers and unless your friend is a dick it should be fine... Just don't break shit
  9. Research how to hit a bong before you go and then chill out. Do you think ur buddy would be buying from a sketchy kid? If you think no, then it will be fine
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  11. Where you live at ill go with you haha :)
  12. You're over-thinking this a bit much.:cool:
  13. It is a great oppourtunity. If you can grab the dudes number before you leave. As for the bong just let them know youve never hit one. Stoners love to watch a newbie try and hit a bong, especially a big one.
  14. Just tell him you've never hit a bong before and he'll understand
  15. call mom, she'll know what to do.
  16. Dude wicked opportunity to get better deals, meet a new guy, guaranteed he's right chill and jokes as fuck man, if the other guy wants you to go over and hit the 3 footer. Tell 'em you haven't ripped a bong before, shit people tell me that and I help them, girls tell me that and I pull the cones and instruct them... People don't mind :)

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