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My dealer keeps texting me first

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bwapafwapa, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So I know that this is far from being a bad thing and he's probably doing it cause he needs money, but my dealer is always texting me up like "heyy you wanna come pick up?" It's sort of a nice change from awkwardly texting dealers myself, although I do spend a ton more money than I normally do because i pick up way more often.

    Just wondering if anyone else has a guy like this and whether they like it or not/why.
  2. My dealer does this because it makes money of off people like you. It gets annoying for me.
  3. To get rid of old stock, in with the new :p
  4. He probably keeps asking because he asked ya once and you said yes! Do what dealers do back...ignore his texts lol.

    Its weird for any serious drug dealer to "ask" you to buy something, IMO, a real dealer would only tell you what he currently has.
  5. The pusherman!
  6. my dealer texts me telling me what stuff she has and when she gets in new stuff and thats it

  7. Haha I used to hate people like me too. Then I started making a lot of money and I kind of liked it. Now I had to quit my job and I hate people like me again.

    It's weird too because this guy asked me out once. I don't really care, though, because he gives me ballin' rates.
  8. One of my dealers does this occasionally, and I either dont answer back or say na cause I usually dont need anywhen he texts me. I never feel pressured to.
  9. Mine does the same plus he's been a friend since childhood. He usually has a sativa and indica on hand. I love it
  10. I have waited over 4 weeks for 1 of my dealers, feel lucky.
  11. I'm so glad i've known my dealer for 15 years, and it's never akward.
  12. Just tell him
    " no not right now man, but I'll hit you up when I need bud"
    He will continue to text you if you don't pick up as often as HE wants you to, that's just how they are
  13. Your dealer either a) Sucks at his job and is pushing for clients (the usual highschool dealer) or b) is awesome.
  14. He's probably a low level street dealer that doesn't have a lot of business, so he texts people desperately to support his lifestyle. Good dealers that make good money wouldn't do this, because they are always backlogged as it is. And they always have it... so they don't need to let you know.
  15. hes just hustlin man lol
  16. Just ignore the text if he keeps on sending them. Dealers like that get annoying after a while a good dealer would just be waiting for the call.
  17. My dealer in hs (He moved wish he was still around) was fucking nuts man. He mostly picked up mids but he moved weight like no other hs kid I've dealt with. Always hooked it up fat too. Small town too, about 2500 people and he had traffic at his house non stop, PLUS the police station was literally less than 500 yards from his house. He never got caught but the reason he moved was his mom kicked him out for dealing and found close to 4g stashed in the bathroom behind the shower. I've prob been over to his crib at least 100 times and maybe saw his mom 5x over the course of 3 years haaha. He was the town's dope man.

    Side story. I was playing ps3 with him on a school night and saw him move about 1.5 lbs in a night. The most someone picked up that night was 2 zips. I was like "damn dude your fucking nuts" and he replied like a boss "its what I do I'm the dope man. He had other stuff but we can't talk about on here. I just wonder what he was paying for a lb. He would let zips go for 100 and qp's for 350.
  18. My guy only texts me first when he's got new shit on deck, or when he's able to deliver ( I live kind of a distance and can't drive, so he lets me know when he can)
  19. When I want, I call my pick-up and tell him how much I want, he knows what I like, and he brings it by in about a hour.
  20. tell him to go fuck himself..
    just kiding but seriously i just don't answer if i dont need anything

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